No Joker in third Batman movie

In short - according to their supposedly solid source:

1) Joker out; Two-Face gets more attention.
2) Reference material grahic novels “The Long Halloween”
and “Dark Victory”.
3) Nolan will be also direct the third movie.

The Dark Knight may still be months away, but planning for a third Batman movie is already happening, somewhere deep in the Warner Bros. lair. Tonight, in a flurry of superhero related messages between me and a long time scooper and friend of the site, we uncovered some of the details about where exactly Batman goes next, after he’s finished with the Joker in Dark Knight.

Make no mistake by the way, Joker really is out of the picture after this movie, at least according to our source. We’re told that the Joker indeed was supposed to be back for another film, and that they did consider simply recasting the part for the inevitable Batman 3, but that those plans have been scrapped after the tragedy of Heath Ledger’s death. Joker has been written out of the Batman 3 script.

Instead, our scooper tells us we’ll get a lot more Two-Face. No surprise there. Anyone who’s seen the recent trailer for The Dark Knight knows the current movie will be dealing with the creation of Batman’s scarred, coin-flipping bad guy. It looks like Batman 3 will continue with his story. We couldn’t get specific details from our source, but she says the third film will be referencing the Batman graphic novels “The Long Halloween” and “Dark Victory”.

“The Long Halloween” seems to deal with a lot of the plot elements we’ll see in The Dark Knight. According to Wikipedia, it involves the Joker, and the creation of Two-Face. More importantly, it involves the evolution of the gang of criminals Batman fights into full fledged supervillains. “Dark Victory” is a sequel to “The Long Halloween”, in the same way Batman 3 will likely be a direct sequel to The Dark Knight. “Dark Victory” continues the story of “The Long Halloween” and seems primarily focused on Two-Face, while introducing Batman’s sidekick Robin. Does that mean we’ll get the return of the boy wonder in Batman 3? If the story follows along this same track, it could.

For any of this complex storytelling to work, they’re going to need director Christopher Nolan. From what our source tell us, he’ll be back for Batman 3… but only Batman 3. Whether the series goes on from there is anybody’s guess, but all indications are that no matter what happens Nolan quits the world of Batman after the third one, and moves on to something else.


Nothing official has been stated, naturally, but it’s obvious the team has to manage Ledgers death somehow. But is this the way to do it? I haven’t read the graphic novels - neither Miller’s nor the two new reference ones - so I’ll stay out of discussing potential heresy, mixing things up and so on; I am about to read the Miller graphic novels, though, but judging by this news piece, I should also catch up on two more graphic novels.

Can someone explain why this has caused many to debate the inclusion of Robin in the third installment?

(And I assume no one spoils anything related to any of the works; boldifying a disclaimer isn’t enough)

I hope they leave Robin out of it. Sidekicks are from an era of comics I don’t want to go back to (when they were aimed at children), and they don’t fit with the tone of modern super hero films.

Miller’s Graphic Novel is amazing; we had to read it for a class, and it doesn’t deal a ton with the joker, but it does have a few good comics devoted to him.

And please please please no robin. At least not any robin thats not like the one in the Batman Forever. I loved that movie.


I didn’t read the second Dark Knight, but the first one had a huge chunk about the Joker.

This isn’t really surprising at all since its clear the third Batman movie is going to revolve around Two-Face. What I am concerned about is whether or not they are going to kill the Joker off in The Dark Knight. I’m really getting tired of this trend in comic book movies where the villain has to die at the end like 90% of the time. I can think of maybe 2 or 3 villains who didn’t die at the end of the movie. Frankly, it is getting ridiculous.

It’s a comic book movie. COMIC BOOK movie.

Dead doesn’t mean what you think it means. We’re playing by a different set of rules.

I remember really enjoying The Long Halloween. Looks like you can get the trade paperback for ~$14 off Amazon. Just sayin’. These movies are going to get me to start collecting comics again…

That’s true to a point. I’m just saying, couldn’t we have a movie where the villain’s plan is stopped but he gets away (like Magneto) or he gets captured and imprisoned in some way (like Riddler). A shot of Joker locked away in the dungeons of Arkham laughing maniacally seems much more effective to me then a shot of his corpse lying on the ground (comicbook resurrection rules notwithstanding).

Unless they somehow re-work the script, which I am quite sure they are not, Joker does not die in 2, simply based on the fact he was supposed to appear in the third. And I think Nolan has a bit more respect for the fans that to kill him off in a movie again.

Technically, Scarecrow didn’t die in Batman Begins, which was an awesome touch. They could bring him back at any point.

There were pictures floating around on the net of Cillian Murphy on the set of Dark Knight, so it holds to reason that at some point early on maybe Scarecrow shows up again. Who knows.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Joker breaks into Arkham and releases some of it’s happier inmates.

Technically? It wasn’t even hinted that Scarecrow died.

True, bad choice of words on my part.

The phrase “counting chickens before they hatch” comes to mind. While I expect the upcoming film to do well, there certainly is no guarantee that it will. They’ll have plenty of time to nail down the details if/when it does what is expected.

And there’s current speculation regarding this still from the trailer

Damn, nice find. I did not notice that in the trailer.

I didn’t find it personally, but whomever did was very good to share it.

The last trailer I watched frame-by-frame was the first Indy 4 one.

And it’s hardly definitive, but it does look a bit like our friend.

Unless someone is intentionally impersonating him, I’d call it likely…looks just like him.

And, of course, on Cillian Murphy’s imdb page, there is this entry:
The Dark Knight (2008) (completed) … Dr. Jonathan Crane / The Scarecrow

So, I’d call it likely we’ll see him again.