No Joker in third Batman movie

It could just mean him appearing only in retrospect, “cameo” or something of the sort, though.

That is always a possibility, but coupled with the photo above, I am led to believe otherwise.

Admittedly, I missed that post, subconsciously dodging all media from the upcoming movie.

Holy cow. I am such a sucker for the hype for this movie. It doesn’t help that I have a man-crush for the Joker character. Best villain ever.

The Long Halloween was Jeph Loeb at his best.

I will agree with that while saying that it still didn’t do it for me all that much.

It wasn’t bad, but it was just kind of artless.

That said, my complaints were more with the execution than the story itself, so I’m quite excited about it being adapted by Nolan.

I had heard about a year ago that Nolan didn’t want to do a third movie initially, but of course I’m glad he is.

— Alan

It was kind of a backhanded compliment anyway.

I think Jeph Loeb is pretty awful. But The Long Halloween beats the hell out of Hush. I’d rather have movie four based on All Star Batman and Robin the Boy Wonder than Hush.

Ehhh you didn’t miss much. Not a very worthy follow-up.

I never really thought there was a story to Hush ( the initial one at least ). Batman fights every character while he’s apparently forgotten all true detective skills just so Jim Lee could draw him. There’s not enough plot to make half a movie.

Also, Hush is a completely uninteresting character with a lame costume.

Why so similar?

That’s awesome. Thanks