No Man's Sky changes everything, but leaves the futility intact

I was trying to check out all the changes in the much-anticipated NEXT update that was just released.

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Thankfully, the time-to-spaceship is a LOT shorter with this NEXT update. Like, from hours to minutes, which is a big help for the new player like me.

Is the multiplayer mandatory? For that matter, is it possible to set up a co-op game with a friend but not have to worry about getting griefed by the larger player base?

“the promise people thought the game was supposed to have originally”

I approve of this choice of words. All the anger about the original release was weird.

The ones that burn you with constant acid rain or the fiery heat of a too-close sun make for a less great first impression.

My version of the game now is reloading until I get a decent planet. Considering the time it takes to start, let’s just say I’m still working on it.

Your first planet will always try to kill you, people.

Grab some sodium, charge your survival gear, and deal.

buncha weak sisters, man

No u!

Yea, the dangerous planet at game start is part of the new beginning afaik.

Yeah, looks that way. There’s little reason to look for sodium or building an wooden shack otherwise.

Other than having a swanky wooden shack!

Right… so I escaped the frozen hellplanet on which I spawned, then landed on a nearby space station and exchanged gibberish with the mostly blue toadpeople there. Woo!

I am now torn between following the storyline prompts and just exploring, looking for a Xanadu planet of my own, where I will a stately pleasure dome decree. Mebbe a bit of both.

It seems the mandatory hostile environments are there to show you how much easier it is to replenish hazard shielding and life support with the d-pad commands. How is it those shortcuts weren’t in the game from the very beginning?


The usual boring reasons - manpower, time, money. ;)

They added the quickmenu stuff in the first big update in late 2016, Foundation.

Honestly, I encountered one other person coming into my game, and in the same system, but they were on a different planet and I never encountered them.

Worst case, it seems like you could just warp out, and they likely wouldn’t even know where you went, since you can go anywhere within range of your jump drive.

In a place with essentially infinite space, I don’t think folks need to worry too much about dealing with griefers. At worst, you may encounter a brief moment of terror while another player attacks you… but then you can leave, and not deal with them.

Just kick them. My son and I had a guy come into our game and we just kicked em out. easy peasy

I believe there is an option to disable multiplayer in the settings.

Yes, you can totally just turn off multiplayer.

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