No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

No Man’s Sky is out on PS4. It’ll be out on PC in 3 days. So let’s get a new thread going with impressions and adventures.

The pre-release thread for the game can be found here.

I’ll start.

I planned to play for a few minutes tonight, but I ended up playing for almost 3 hours. The closest game that I can think of right now to my experience are the Elder Scrolls games. The planet I started on was absolutely beautiful and full of life and resources and incentives to discover what’s over the next hill and in the next cave around the next corner. What was going to be a 10 minute excursion to get resources to repair my ship turned into one discovery after another, like a series of breadcrumbs. And that reminds me, once again, of the Elder Scrolls games.

After 3 hours of exploration, I’m finally back at my ship, but taking off into space will have to wait for another day.

8GB RAM minimum, just as I was about to click pre purchase after reading about the exclusive ship for pre purchase. SIGH!!

RAM isn’t expensive these days, plus think of how effective you’ll be in using the computer!

BTW, I’m going in with 6MB, so I might be giving the RAM pep talk to myself too.

My machine is old. I don’t think they are selling DDR2 RAM these days. Oh wellll… it’s time to upgrade the PC anyway.

I should have my pre-order copy today and plan to burn through at least a full controller charge or two.

The ps4 copy may get hogged by the kids, so I also sold some silly csgo skins and ordered a steam copy with Valve spacebucks as a contingency plan.

Excited to get lost as hell.

Two hours in last night. Just enough to get off the first planet. Also accidentally angered a sentry, but survived. Fun slow exploration so far, impossible to guess how it will hold up from how little I’ve seen though. Will it still be interesting to see what’s over the next hill a few hours from now, or will I be tired procedural outposts that differ in only meaningless ways?

6MB is not enough!

I ordered 8GB (MB? my brain is stupid!) this morning for same-day delivery.

Watched a twitch stream last night. I am a little worried. seemed like the same procedural planets with various “encounters.” The guy flew into three space stations with no living beings, and the same room copy pasted.

The game felt like a basic crafting survival simulation. You mined resources to build “stuff” to upgrade “other stuff” till you have the best stuff.

Several times large ships jumped into system and then just sat there. No movement, no activity. Seemed like a pretty lifeless universe actually.

I agree, 3 whole space stations and planets out of the whole universe and we know they are all the same.

Maybe this will help relieve the worry . 50 Planets Hopefully not all identical ;)

The day 1 patch adds more space station rooms and how they are randomized to get a less “samey” looking station.

Polygon also had to adjust their expectations. Seems to be more of a bland survival game more so than a pure exploration game…at the early stages at least.

The life support drain looks supremely annoying.

640KB ought to be enough for anybody. ;)

So far, it’s not. I started on a cold planet where during nights it gets down to -75 degrees F. So the main thing I have to worry about is charging my suit. But every once in a while I also have to charge my life support. But as you’re exploring, you come across plenty of resources. At least I did on my starting planet.

I just love the biodiversity and soundscape of this planet. This morning instead of getting into my ship and exploring space, I just took off and explored more of this starting planet. I can’t enough of it. It’s so beautiful and interesting to explore. I love how they put the little question mark on your HUD once you get a certain distance from something new to discover.

Unfortunately, I learned that using my ship to explore the planet is pretty expensive, resource-wise. Each launch consumes a significant amount of energy. Luckily that resource is plentiful on this planet as long as I don’t get tangled up with the sentinels. I just have be careful to only get resources when there isn’t a patrol nearby.

Makes me sad that they specifically delayed the PC version and all of these PS4 guys are playing it on twitch right now.

Reading some comments and early thoughts I have decided to pre order the PC version tonight when I get in.

Confirmed by Sean Murray: The PC and PS4 versions of the game do NOT share servers.

To think that there was a time when your computer was badass if it had 8 MB of RAM. That would have been what, 20 years ago? I ordered my first Mac (an SE with two 1.44 MB floppy drives, which I had plans to hook up to an external HDD with 45 MEGABYTES of storage–I’d never run out of room!) with a whole 2.5 MB of RAM.

Since most people won’t ever see the review press kit: