No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


Since I’m a dumb American, is there any way to change the temp readout to Fahrenheit?


This is supposed to change automatically based on your location.


Yeah. According to the Steam forum it isn’t working for a lot of people. Not a big issue.


I think that’s because you live in Floriday @RichVR. Move to somewhere different if you want Fahrenheit. :P


Screenshots people! We need space pr0n.


Ideal. I use an XB1. With keyboard and mouse there’s still no cockpit freelook believe it or not (right-stick)!


Hmmm. I guess I can tweet them from the PS4 and post the tweets here.


I haven’t actually gotten anywhere worthy of a pic yet. Hopefully I someday will. If I don’t freeze or burn to death. Not sure of which. Celsius, ya know. ;)


Speaking of which, I thought I saw where this would be localized by default. I was a little sad because I prefer Celsius (actually Kelvin with space games, but still). However, when I fired up the game, Celsius was on for me - a poor, foolish American.


Blue bar - freeze, red bar - burn :)


So I was out of plutonium and close to death. I decided to just head in one direction until I died and start over. Suddenly I was surrounded by red spikes, plutonium! I is saved! Fun game.


I found a crashed freighter which was gigantic and really cool so I snapped a photo of it. The ship in the foreground is a new class B ship I found and repaired by following a distress signal. It’s got 29 cargo space.


Tip for the new players - learn the jetpack dash move. It’s cool and lets you jet forward at speed with the jetpack.

Do it by sprinting then hitting the melee button, which dashes you forward. Then quickly jetpack during that dash, and as long as you stay off the ground you can get some good forward momentum.

You can do it without sprinting too, but obviously you’ll go faster if you are.


I have a quest to collect cave marrow from a cave, but the marrow bulbs I found don’t seem to satisfy the quest requirement. Anyone know the deal?


Marrow are the plants. Those glowy plants. Same thing as cave marrow. But according to the Steam forum it might be a bug.


I think it might be. These were the only plants I could find in a vast cave system on the starting planet. Hmm. Not a great reentry so far, as this blocks continued progress almost right out of the gate.


Dammit, you guys are going to make me buy this aren’t you?


@RichVR: Are you talking about these?


Here’s a mining tip… you don’t need to wait for the cooldown to go all the way down before using the multitool again. You can continue using it pretty much straight away, as soon as the bar drops a fraction - it will shoot down to zero and start building again.

Using a controller lets you do it by feel without looking at the UI, as it vibrates when approaching overheat and stops vibrating when it’s safe to use it again.


Ok, I trooped around in some caves scanning the crap out of them looking for the graves of fallen travelers for like the last 45 minutes on the current planet I’m on and didn’t find one. So of course I’ve no idea what this looks like so I don’t really know what I’m looking for, anyone found one yet? I figured since the planet had caves I might as well look around since god knows how long it’ll be before I find a portal, but when I do it would be nice to of tracked down some glyph knowledge (supposedly pulled from the logs of dead travelers) so I could actually put the portal to use…