No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


Hit another quest system wall. This time I’m supposed to scan five creatures, but I don’t believe more than three actually exist in the entire system. (Scientific Research mission)



Yes they added 30 hours of story…

(not sure how they’re calculating that, but that’s the claim!)


Lovely cave, man I hope I have time to play a bit later tonight.


This has always been a PITA. Check in caves, underwater and for flying creatures. The last one always seems to be really hard to find. If you scan around with your visor you can sometimes see the red dots indicating an unscanned creature even when it is underground or behind a hill.


I saw on reddit you can feed creatures and it does something to find other creatures or something.


I caved and got the game on PS4. I rented it last year on release had an OK time but this is much more complete. The survival mode has been brutal but I really like it! I had to travel a good distance to get the components needed to repair the ship and traversing the hostile environment with dwindling life support made me feel like Matt Damon on The Martian.


I started fresh in survival mode and it was brutal. Hoth frozen planet.

Couple of tips that I discovered the hard way.

1 You can craft the power gel with carbon and plutonium. This can be used as a substitute for Thorium for life support charging.

2 You can craft a shielding sheet with iron and platinum. This can come in helpful if your enviromental shielding has failed and you need to make it to that next shelter. Charge your enviro shielding back up.

3 You can build a signal booster with platinum and iron to try to find Heredium to repair the pulse drive. Heredium is usually found in big blue pillars.

Watch out though. Sometimes there are better sources you will come across as you trek to a marker.

Pro tip: You can tunnel into the heredium and find shelter from the environment inside your tunnel. This can get you charged back up.


When you find a trading post and want to be able to find it again, how do you select the waypoint for that so that it shows up on your HUD to allow you to navigate back to it? In the absence on any kind of planet map, surely there must be a way to navigate back to stuff you find, right? I can’t figure it out. My base is half the world away from where I started out and now I can’t find any of the stuff I found in the starting area.


There are markers that appear on the radar in the ship when you’re flying around. Those don’t help? I usually find that if I’ve spent enough time on the planet, I start to recognize where I am.


Very helpful Thanks.


Anybody know how to do a quick down d pad select on the pc mouse & keyboard? I can’t figure out how to do the space ship shield recharge without using the menu method which is really slow


Interesting fauna I came across today. The second one is kinda cute!


Made it from the furnace planet I started on to a lush planet, populated by these:


I am thinking about grabbing this on Steam for $25. I really know nothing about it, becase last year when it launched I was still busy with Elite: Dangerous and didn’t pay much attention. So, not having read through this thread, I have a few questions:

–Is it online only?
–If so, it is difficult to avoid getting blown up by other players when all you want to do is fly around and explore?
–will it work with my HOTAS-X? What is the recommended control method for PC?


I found that you can set a waypoint on a structure by using your scanner on it. It leaves a big white dot waypoint. Now I just need to figure out how to get rid of them.

  1. Not really at all online
  2. You can’t fight other players only the AI
  3. M+K works well, not tried with a HOTAS. You will probably be spending more time on planets than flying. It’s not really a full flight model like in elite


Thanks for th quick reply. With regards to “not really at all online,” does that mean the procedurally generated galaxy in which you play is not shared, and is local to you only?


I think if you go to a planet not visited by someone else yet then it gets procedurally generated at that point. If someone has been there, of which there is a very small chance, then the landscape and animals would be the same.


They’re just now introducing an option to let you meet up with other players, but this is very rudimentary and will supposedly get more flushed out as work on the game progresses.


Remind me, was there some jetpack/sprint combo for zipping around the terrain faster? I vaguely remember there being some trick like bunny hopping or skiing or something.