No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


The base building in NMS is pretty simple with a slick interface. There’s really not very much to it in terms of complexity. The main reason I started a base was to a) get the nice blueprints and b) be able to set up a farm to get lots of money quickly because I wanted a freighter. Now that I have one, I don’t spend much time on the farm at all.

The nice thing is you can just ignore all the base and farming stuff (beyond doing the base tutorials for the blueprints) and do whatever parts of the game interest you instead. After you upgrade your exosuit visor/scanner you can probably make all the money you need by just exploring and scanning new stuff for the cash. Or you can just do bounty hunting if you like the combat and killing pirates. The mission board can also pay out a lot at higher rankings. Or, you can follow the main story paths.

I find the game is a bit like playing an MMO solo in that there’s a variety of stuff to do and so you just do what you like or feel like doing that day. How I play the game may be a lot different than how others play it and that’s fine. There’s no time pressure and I find the game very relaxing to play.


Have you tried the survival mode yet?


It seems that the latest experimental build has indeed added a toggle for the flight mode!


I can say that they’ve redeemed themselves in my book. This is shaping up nicely. I’m hopeful for but not feeling entitled to even more content.


There is surely more coming. The only question is whether we’ll have to pay for it or not. :)


Thanks, not played it for a few days so was still on the experimental mode.


New 1.38 experimental patch adds multiple save slots! Well, you now have a total of 5 slots that you can use for any game mode.

Plus a bunch of other fixes:

New save system

In this patch we’re introducing a new save system, which should make managing your save files between game modes much easier. Here’s what to expect:

  • You will now be presented with 5 save-game slots (each of which can be used for any game mode) - your existing saves will be mapped into these slots
  • Selecting an empty slot will start a new game, allowing you to pick which game mode to play from the mode select menu
  • There are now 2 sub-slots for each save-game (instead of 3) - one for auto saves, and one for manual saves
  • Starting a brand new game with no existing saves will take you directly to mode select
  • Note for experimental: while 1.37 saves are forwards compatible with 1.38, 1.38 save files are not backwards compatible with 1.37. For this reason, when you first run 1.38, an automatic backup of your 1.37 save file will be stored in your save folder, in case you wish to return to 1.37. See this thread for more info:

Other changes and fixes

  • Improved the accuracy of text describing planetary weather
  • Storms on humid/lush planets are no longer toxic; humid/lush planets now have a chance of their rain being very hot.
  • Made the temperature range of dead planets more varied
  • In-flight weather effects now vary in strength based on height
  • The Analysis Visor can now be used to scan farm plants and see the remaining growth time
  • Analysis Visor can scan ships to determine their class, type and value at a distance
  • The Analysis Visor can be used to see the approximate distance of resources discovered with the Scanner
  • Added error message when no outpost is found by the economy scanner
  • Added the ability to skip black bars when discovering a planet or solar system
  • Fixed an issue where some delivery missions would continuously tell players to visit other systems
  • Fixed an issue where the requirements to complete some missions could change as you spoke to NPCs
  • Prevented the cursor being reset to the center of the page as you switch between pause menus
  • Fixed scaling issues with creature feeding icons
  • Fixed an issue where mining units would occasionally incorrectly produce Heridium
  • Prevented mining units being placed inside each other
  • Fixed an issue where base parts, including storage containers, built outside the base building radius in unlimited building mode would not be transferred when the player moved to a new base
  • Trade outposts now provide hazard protection
  • Added a chance for pirates to spawn earlier than usual when a player warps into a certain systems, to add more variety to exploration and trading
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator audio would occasionally continue after terrain editing completed
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator hologram would remain in one location after subtracting from the terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the terrain manipulator would occasionally create longer lines than intended
  • Fixed an issue where the ship crosshair would appear at incorrect times
  • Fixed the Upload All button on the discovery page not deactivating after being used
  • Corrected button prompts in the ship combat wiki
  • Restored Spectral Class to the galaxy map text
  • Galactic map now respects user mouse sensitivity settings
  • Galactic map now respects user control inversion settings
  • Prevented trade terminals having a negative quantity of stock
  • Made trading terminal stock values replenish over time
  • Separated stock levels for trading posts and space stations in the same system
  • Lush biomes in survival mode occasionally exist without an aggressive sentinel presence
  • Reduced cursor UI slowdown when using a pad
  • Prevented users occasionally falling outside the trading post platform when exiting their ship
  • Prevented traders from attacking pirates which are far out of their range
  • Fixed an issue where NPC ships would stop outside the entrance of freighters and space stations in systems with no trade routes
  • Improved NPC ship target selection in space battles, prevented them reacting to accidental player fire
  • Fixed an issue where smaller freighters and containers could not be destroyed
  • Added exotic ship audio for AI and NPC ships
  • Added ability to transfer items to and from containers in your base or freighter
  • Corrected Roamer and Rover inventories appearing incorrectly in the transfer window
  • Added protection to allow the Mind Arc step of the Artemis story to be completed even if a player deletes their base
  • Fixed issue where a blue eye icon would occasionally appear over the crosshair
  • Added tooltip text to explain the planet icons on the discovery page
  • Fixed an issue where the Space Anomaly could remain in the player’s home system indefinitely
  • Added ability to sell items from ship cargo slots at terminals
  • Fixed an issue with dismantling tech on ship compare screens not correctly destroying the tech
  • Added ability to transfer items from cargo slots during maintenance interactions
  • Fixed an issue where unbinding a key would exit the control menu
  • Fixed an issue where selecting a new key binding could accidentally result in it being set to a mouse button
  • Improved trading by giving NPCs independent stock levels
  • Fixed an issue where the Space Anomaly mission had no objective text in the log.
  • Made NPCs who give directions refer to a wider spread of locations
  • Added ability to rebind the discard key
  • Fixed an issue where some players who should have been able to restart distant missions were unable to do so


I like these two in particular.


Can someone explain the galaxy map to me?

As far as I can tell, you can select quest paths and jump to the next destination on that path. How do I just jump to an individual star? I’ve tried moving around in the “free select” mode but it doesn’t seem to actually do anything. If there’s a star sitting right there next to my current location, how can I select it and jump to it? Am I missing some piece of gear?

Using a 360 controller, if that’s relevant.

Also related: Is there any way to get an overview of the system you are in? I spend a bunch of time turning in circles trying to see the planets. Sometimes they show up on the radar thing, but sometimes not. Even when they do, I’ve encountered situations where I see a planet on the radar and move all around trying to get it in my view, and just can’t do it (maybe it’s behind something else?).


•Added ability to transfer items to and from containers in your base or freighter

•Fixed issue where a blue eye icon would occasionally appear over the crosshair

Finally! These make me very happy.


Yes, you need warp engine upgrades to get to the stars you can’t select.

Yeah, welcome to the club. They need some HUD planet indicators because the radar just doesn’t cut it. The ship HUD is pretty bad.


Zooming in on the galaxy map gives you the system overview, so you can at least see how many planets there are (as well as resource, conflict, dominant lifeform). There’s nothing apart from the radar to help you find them though. They should all show up though possibly very distant ones won’t? I’m not sure. And yes often planets/moons can be behind other things.

For jumping to individual stars not on a quest, atlas, blackhole, or galaxy center path - the ‘free explore’ should work. One stick rotates and zooms (usually left), the other moves. You should be able to select systems, but not jump to ones out of range. I’m using XB1 controller on PC. And there’s no doubt this is quite finicky and annoying. :)

Yes! That blue eye was constantly showing whenever I was in my ship.


You can’t select certain star class spectra until you get the warp upgrades to unlock those for travel. I have one of them unlocked but not the others currently.


Ah yeah, so if you have no hyperdrive upgrades you can only select the Yellow stars.

Then they’re gated by upgrade:
Sigma: Red
Tau: Green
Theta: Blue


Thanks for the help on the map.

One thing I am discovering is that my poking about on my own for several hours has made the main quest lines pretty silly. “Talk to an alien!”. Yeah, I’ve been doing that for like 12 hours now.

Going to follow the breadcrumbs a bit and let the quest lines catch up with me. Perhaps things like warp upgrades will show up along those quests.

In the meanwhile, I finally ran across a reasonably nice planet (verdant), and I’ve got my base started. Nice to have a planet I can stroll around in and look at derpy animals and collect materials without raging heat or cold or toxicity. It’s all just busy work, really, but it’s relaxing, enjoyable busy work,


Not sure they do, but you can get them from Gek blueprint merchants if you’re lucky. They’re normally part of the Anomoly rewards you get from doing the journey milestones.


So in the old version of the game it seemed like Nada and Polo dogged my steps wherever I want. Like every third warp or so they were there. This time around I’ve seen them only once. What’s up with that?


From what I understand they’re meant to appear every couple of hours of playtime or so. They do seem more infrequent to me too, though I’ve run into them a bunch of times in my post-1.3 game.


One thing I forgot … if you press B, it toggles control modes between selecting adjacent systems along the jump paths, and free flight mode. Left stick is movement, right stick direction, triggers up/down, and click right stick to move really fast.

Actually I just tried and you can select any star, and set waypoints at them - you just can’t warp to them if you lack the tech.


That’s interesting because I have stars that are right next to the system I’m in that I cannot select, no matter what I do. I assumed I needed the tech.