No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


The problem for me with NMS, even with the additions, is that it’s still a buggy mess much of the time… where things just get into a broken state and then your progress is halted until some fix is made later.


FWIW I’ve sunk about 20 hours in NMS over the bank holiday weekend and am still enjoying it. I also bought Empyrion but won’t be playing that until release!


The last time I played Empyrion was like 6 months ago. There is one bug they never fix which pisses me off. Build any kind of space craft and then leave it in hover mode. It will eventually flip upside down.

Anyway, how is NMS these days? I know it has improved a lot since release, but that is a very low bar to compare it with. If you would look at it with fresh eyes, is NMS a good game now or just a ‘meh’ game? Any other big updates in the works?


NMS is a good game now, but keep in mind that the core of it is still essentially a walking simulator. The base building, resource gathering, and the usual survival-game busy work is on the light side, but it is enough to keep you occupied. The story, such as it is it, is there more to parcel out tools and tutorials.

I’m taking a break from it right now after pretty much playing it for a month straight from the 1.3 release to 1.38.

Like I said in my Steam review, if someone where to smash the best parts of E Dangerous and NMS together, there would be no reason to leave the house.


How’s Empyrion in that regard?

I got 120 hours in NMS, and .... two in Empyrion so far. Take that as my recommendation. :)

There is an Empyrion vs. No Man's Sky thread btw.


I picked this up recently since it went on sale. For a slow night, it is great. It suits me well, though I did switch to the original flight controls. I get so side-tracked just walking about I often don’t finish my quest or remember to use the doohickey that will find specific sites for you.


Got it and enjoyed it for a bit. But the tutorial/log/whatever sure seems to leave a bunch unsaid once I got my hyperdrive or whatever. I finally got it to work and went to a new system (I think) and promptly got jumped by a half dozen dudes who laid waste to me in seconds.

Still, enjoying it for the most part. The pace is about perfect for me so far, though I’m really not far at all.


You can boost your way out of every combat situation. Except in very rare and particular circumstances, you don’t need to fight.


So, it makes a decent “screen shot/ desktop background generator” game. Making my home now on a dusty/desert planet prone to storms (not recommended by guides), under a red star with three! rare resources. And, it’s pretty at night, if there isn’t a storm and you can see anything.

Fireflies at Night - sort of. (hiding in a cave while exploring)

This is what parking in a storm looks like … the morning after

A new desktop background (mods Space Dreams & Darker Nights)


So Sean Murray tweeted “Prawn Curry” a few days ago. He uses that account solely for No Man’s Sky-related messages, so now the fans are convinced it’s a hint for patch 1.4.

Theories are submarines being added to the game and stuff about Atlas passes level 4, physical cards that should be sent to 10,000 players sometime soon.


probably just meant to type it in the search box.


Coincidentally I opened up the Steam page around the same time, thinking another update (or news of one) was about due!

Hopefully this time around it focuses on exploration. I’d love an update that overhauls the fauna and adds more variety to biomes and their assets.


Huh. So the ARG thing is still going on and as confusing as ever. The new theory is that there is no update 1.4, but there is a 1.5 hinted, so it’s actually going to be a two tenths better version!


On the PS4 version can you play two different games or are you stuck with just one with multiple save slots? I was thinking of starting a new game but don’t want to eliminate my old one as I’d gotten really far with an excellent ship pin the old one. The idea was if the new game got way too grindy and annoying I could then hop back to my old more completed game. But I’d have missed a lot of the new story stuff.


As of the latest patch, you now have 5 slots you can use for any mode you want.


The ARG was cute the first time but now I just want to know when it’s out! Gah! :)

Yes, I’ll most likely be firing the game up again when it releases.


So I got one of those mysterious Atlas Passes V4 in the mail. Not sure what it’s for.


It’s probably part of the whole Waking Titan thing like they did before. I’d go check out the Reddit thread on it.


You got a real mail, from the game? How awesome is that?!


Yeah! The Internets don’t seem to know what all the numbers on the back of the card are for yet, one of them might be a code to redeem something.