No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


No guarantees they’ll actually show anything new, but there’s a chance!


Inside Xbox is usually used to show new things, so since No Man’s Sky is a highlight, I do expect we’ll see new stuff there.


They didn’t show anything new. :)





I still can’t dogfight for shit in this game. If I get into it with more than one ship, or just one ship that is a 3 star, I get my ass handed to me even after upgrading my weapons and my shields. It would probably help if I switched to a different ship, the little 23-slot B-class explorer I’m flying is not really suited to combat. Although when I do switch, it will be to an A or S class hauler with a lot more cargo room, so probably not suited for combat either. At least if I can find one with more technology slots I can build out more complex and powerful weapons and shields.

Most of the past couple of nights have been devoted to progressing further into the Artemis/Travelers storyline and restocking after building/repairing things. I added the Terrain Manipulator to my multi-tool and have now looted three crashed freighters. I’ve decided it’s a total waste of time. The time and resources you use up digging holes in the ground, uncovering the storage lockers, then repairing them so you can get them open, totally is not worth the 150 or so nanites and 100K units in total you get as your reward.

I’ve discovered a few more systems, but so far nothing really prosperous where I’d be likely to run into aliens flying A-class or S-class ships (or maybe get lucky and find a crashed one). I need to get a small farming operation up and running so I can earn several million more units for the day I do run across such a ship, or an A/S class rifle with a bunch of slots.


So I was really turned off by this game at release. I won’t go into all the reasons, they were pretty well-documented by people in this thread so no need to rehash it.

The talk of a multiplayer update has piqued my interest in the game again, as I’m always on a lookout for a space game I can play with my nephew. Is there a list of bullet points covering the major features/changes since 1.0?


There probably is a neat bullet point list of all the added features somewhere.

Alternatively, they released a video yesterday showing 11 things that changed since launch:

There’s also a page summarising each of the major updates:


Timely video! Thanks for that, I’ll take a peek once I’m home from the office.


Bitch and ye shall receive! Less than a day after grousing about not being able to find a decent A or S class multi-tool, I stopped at a random outpost on a planet to sell stuff from my full inventory and therein discovered a beautiful A-class rifle with 24 pristine tech slots and large damage bonus for about 2.5 mil units, or around 2 mil after trade in of my A-class pistol. It’s magnificent, all 24 slots arrayed in three neat rows of eight, making configuration for maximum bonuses a breeze. I broke down all the enhancements on my pistol before trade-in, then rebuilt those plus half a dozen more I’d learned but not had the space to implement previously. My new rifle is perfect, mining, killing and scanning at an efficiency far beyond anything I’d experienced with the pistol.

I also finished all the little Gek farmer’s quests at my base, and now have a base overrun with hydroponic planters in literally every available corner. On the bright side, every hour or so I can pop in and easily collect rare resources, but on the flip side it highlights just how much I need a new base in a new system so I can lay out rooms specifically for farming (probably do glass bio domes around a central structure). I also don’t really want to build the Exocraft Bay (the Overseer’s current project) until I move to a planet where an Exocraft would be far more useful.

On a weird and annoying note, I took a Merchant’s Guild quest to deliver some goods, however the system where the goods are supposed to be delivered does not seem to be selectable on the galaxy map. I can see the icon for the quest, but I can’t get the cursor to fall there so I can zoom in to the system and warp. I tried warping to a system nearby on the map, but then when I look at the map form that system the icon no longer appears! I’m thinking it’s either way too far away, or bugged. I may just abandon the quest at the next space station.


Some of the quests do appear to be messed up. There’s a missing person type where you find a guy to bribe at a trade base, the quest advances, but you’re not told where the missing person actually is. Much easier to just hunt predators… At the moment for the artemis series I’m supposed to return to the weapon officer, but I’ve finished his quest series already. When I get back my only choice is to leave or bow to him and leave. Fortunately it doesn’t block the rest of the quests.


I had that happen to me as well with both the Scientist and Weapon Officer. I found that if I walked away, changed the active quest to something else, then changed it back to the quest for that NPC, about 5 seconds later the quest would update with “Return to NPC” and the quest dialog options would then appear when I clicked on him.

I abandoned the delivery quest. I think it may have given me a destination that was so far away it wasn’t even selectable on the star charts. I took a hit with the Merchant’s Guild, which is easily fixable with another mission, and on the bright side I sold the stuff I was supposed to deliver for around 70K units. =)


SM -

Re: dogfighting; I’ve found that the best defense is a good offense. I’ve upgraded my laser beam apparatus and I’m pretty deadly now. Not being maneuverable I do what someone upthread suggested and mostly remain stationary and just turn, aim and shoot. Also, if it needs to be said, always have lots of yellow isotopes and keep your shields up in between strafing runs by the pirates.

Re: units; check for things you can craft out of recipes you know; are there any which will net 500,000 or 1M units? And do you know how to find/grow/craft all of the things needed to complete them? If so I’d suggest you do the math and grow what you can grow in the proportionate amounts and come up with a farming routine which will net you a few easy million each cycle.


There are also occasionally some missions whose rewards are worth millions. Hard to know which are which, however, until you’ve taken a bunch, as the obscure techno-doohickeys all sound pretty much the same. Predator missions are worth at least 200,000 units apiece, however, so if you find a planet with a convenient abundance of predators you can pick up 3 or 4 such missions at various hubs and then clear them all up by killing a couple of bugs…


Cool, thanks for the advice guys! I definitely want to do a farming setup, but probably not until I move my base to a more farming friendly planet (which is hopefully soon). I also noticed that, as you say, some missions at the mission broker are worth rewards in the low 6 digits, which is nice. I still make far more mining Emeril and Gold though. I also need to find a decent trade route once my base is relocated, as you can make some decent money running a three system route if you find some systems with high level economies.

Over the weekend I mostly finished the Artemis quest line.

I am now at the point where I know the universe is a simulation and the Atlas is shutting down. I’m supposed to find the core and do something to abort the shutdown. This now parallels where I am on the Atlas Path quest, which is pretty much find the core by following the path through the Atlas stations.

So for now I need to restock a bit, build a couple of the upgrades I just received blueprints for, and then start following the Atlas Path and hope I stumble onto a really nice system/planet/economy so I can relocate my base and start farming and trading.


I could be wrong, but I think going to the core and following the atlas path are distinct choices that don’t lead to the same place.


Countdown to the final element of the ARG is happening, just under 9.5 hours remaining:

What will it be? Possibly a trailer with details on NEXT? ;)


Third-person view
Multiplayer co-op or vs
Revamp graphics


Works for me. I’ll see you there (if you’re a member of the glorious PCMR)


Same here. Left click and hold? Who the hell does that?


Huh, how does that stuff work? Is it just open PvP, or do you have to choose to see other players, or what?