No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


BTW I fired this up for a sec just now and it looks like this patch requires the initial shader loading again, which takes forever.


That’s true, he can always teleport back to his little starter base, and then be trapped there until he expands it and adds a return teleport gate. Although, I think before I logged I saw an icon for a freighter appear that was the same color as YouTube Phantom, so he may have warped in his freighter too, which means he may be planning on moving in permanently to the system.

Perhaps that was his intent all along, hop into random MP games until he lucked into a system with a really nice setup for a home base and then squat there. Not a bad idea really, and I don’t mind because the system I was in is not my own home system, just a high economy one I was visiting to see if I could score a fan-wing hauler. He’s welcome to it. When I finished the Artemis quest I chose “Tranquil” as my galaxy type, so the galaxy I ended up in seems to be well stocked with medium and high economy systems littered with planets rich in resources with no adverse weather conditions. If anyone here is looking for a new home, join my MP game and come settle in my galaxy!


Or he can just fly to the station and use the teleporter there.


Patch notes:


Nice. Looks like Space Trucking is once again viable, which should make for very nice cash rewards when combined with TP camping for Circuit Board ingredients.


I am trying to do a weapon specialist mission. I am supposed to defend my base against sentinels. On the initial encounter, I stayed in my base and waited for them to go away.

Now whenever I select the mission I get attacked, which is ok. However, I have killed a dozen sentinels and my mission progress still shows 0 of 8 killed. My progression rank did go up though.


I had just this problem too, but forget exactly how I solved it. Some combination of choosing the right mission as active and killing random other sentinels, I think, but now I’m not 100% sure. There may have been something clever along the way. Is it possible to abandon the mission? Then you ought to be able to get it again from the NPC.

ETA: Oh yeah. What I think the problem was, was this: there are two missions here, one of which is for the specialist and one for the overall quest. If you have the wrong one selected, it won’t progress. Ask me which one is right? I have no idea…


How are you making out with the Space Trucking? I just completed my first circuit (in my new 47 slot Hauler) filling up with the most expensive of the items sold in one system (e.g. Power Generation) and taking them to sell in the next (Mining). And to be sure you want to use the Economy Scanner and get down to a Trading Post for max profit and not just sell them in the Space Station. I made a respectable 12 Million Credits or so doing the 4 Economy Loop in a very short amount of time.

But you’ve got me turned on to the idea of buying materials from NPCs at Trading Posts rather than farming to make the crafted items. I’ve got the recipes for Quantum Processor and Cryogenic Chamber which go for about 4 and 5 Million each. Now the sticking point is coming up with those Nitrogen Salts, Enriched Carbon and Thermic Condensate. Each of these require 250 of a gas and 50 condensed carbon. While NPCs at Trading Posts will sell you the farmed materials, the NPC ships at the Space Station will sometimes sell you the gasses and in very large quantities. So I’ve taken to hitting them up too and stocking up on gas by the 1000s at a time.


Check out this shiny S-Class Pika-ship I found while camping a TP. So pretty, and only 5mil units. I’m considering buying it outright to add to my collection, but it’s only 17 slots, so it would just sit in my freighter most of the time. Hell. I’m pretty sure the damn thing wouldn’t even FIT in my freighter…look at the height on it!


Is there a way to get rid of starships I don’t want anymore besides trading them for another starship?


I found a similar looking ship and paid the 5 million. Couldn’t resist! I’m torn on whether I want to make it my primary. It has way less slots than my hauler but goodness it is a fun ship to fly. So fast and maneuverable.


I’ve found that it’s good to have an exotic to use for pew-pew and exploration because of all their insane bonuses and then a nice A/S 48 slot hauler for trading/farming/gathering.

The max number of slots for exotics is 20 general and 6 tech slots, by the way. I was lucky enough to find one of those which is why it cost me 12 million.


I had another strange encounter with a Rando this morning. Was playing in my game when LivingLikeLarry joins. Within seconds he’s on the planet, asking me if I have a mic. What was very concerning to me was that this was my home planet, with my base, which I was at doing some maintenance and storage rearranging. I look up and there is a Base icon on MY BASE tagged LivingWithLarry. WTF?! I kicked him immediately, and went back to the base computer in my base and interacted with it, then uploaded it again to make sure it was tagged as mine. His tag was still there though afterwards.

Can anyone just walk into your base, interact with the computer, and claim/share it as their own? This is very concerning as I have A LOT of valuable stuff in my vaults at my base, and if it’s all gone next login I’m going to be spending the rest of my NMS play time hunting down LivingWithLarry and griefing the shit out of him.

My apologies however if LivingWithLarry is someone from here on QT3. QT3 folks are always welcome in my hosted game, but you should probably identify yourself as such if you don’t have an immediately recognizable player name.


Damn, thats one fine looking ship.


Multiplayer is just so weird. I turned that thing off. I makes no sense that randos can modify your base unless you give direct authorisation.

Just saying, I think it’s been cool trading tips, stories and annoyances with you guys. I think it’s a quality of No Man’s Sky that it inspires that kind of sharing.


Yeah, I’m actually glad I have the GOG version that doesn’t have MP currently. I figure by the time they add it, they’ll have the permissions and everything sorted out by then.

I think so. They can also destroy your base and steal everything you have, currently. The devs are adding permissions but until those are in, you should consider turning MP off.


What do people think is the best multi-tool weapon? Right now I am using the pulse spitter. I think its better than the scatter cannon, and some other weapon that required you to charge it up between shots. Maybe it was called a plasma lance.

Anyway, the reason I am asking, is that I am still stuck on that damn weapon smith kill sentinels quest. I need to kill 8. If I ever break combat, ie: run inside, they counter resets to 0 killed. So It seems i need to kill 8 sentinels in multiple waves without stopping combat. I need a lot more firepower for that.


I’m using a plasma launcher and a scatter blaster for close up work. I have a S upgrade on the plasma launcher and it easily one-shots sentinels. It has tremendous firepower but you have to be very careful not to use it up close because the explosion will kill you in a heartbeat. I’ve killed myself twice that way.


I haven’t shot any sentinels so far. Is there a reason to do so?

I finally completed repairing “Found Footage”, a 29 slot hauler I found crashed and nursed back to health bit by bit.

Loving the very sci-fi sense of wonder and alienness this game has.


When you say Kill 8 Sentinels Quest do you mean the standard flying ones or is it for the four-footed ones?

My weapon of choice has always been the Lance one. Hold down and fully charge and it’s a one-shot kill for just about everything in the game except sentinels and mega fauna (and sometimes even them). Sentinels (flying) need two pops usually unless they are armored. And locked doors need maybe five blasts; typically have the door down before the sentinels come around.

Re: the quadruped sentinels… I have never been able to kill them; I feel like I’m missing something. Does anyone have any advice for those?

Oh, and I’ve only ever seen one of the towering bipedal walker sentinels; it was just guarding a normal manufacturing site iirc. What’s the deal with those guys?