No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)


They’re sold at the trade terminals in stations or in settlements on planets.


Little known fact: You can actually also use the economy scanner while on a planet to find trading posts there. You don’t have to use it from space.


Thanks. The in-game guide says they’re sold my merchants, but they’re not. They’re sold at a the terminals, as you noted. Silly me for believing what the game says!

Still, though, really starting to love this now that I have a good home base and am used to the UI.


Wait, WHAT?!

You don’t know how many times I’ve taken off back into orbit and then econ-scanned. Oy.


I’d say the primary reason is to use it in coordination with the galaxy map when you are scouting what new system you want to warp to next. Two ways: One - now when you consider different systems in addition to which race controls it you can see A) what type of economy they have (Scientific, Mining, etc.) and B) how strong their economy is; poor, average or wealthy. AND two - you can use the economy filter which changes the star colors from standard (yellow, green, red, blue systems) to 7 colors which correspond to the 7 different types of economy.

For me, I use it to avoid any systems except wealthy systems. I figure anything the other ones have, the wealthy ones do only moreso. Especially when I’m looking for “S” class and exotic ships. (They spawn more frequently in wealthy systems.)


Wait. Like while I’m parked? Maybe that way I can actually find a proper big trading post on this “Paradise” planet I’ve got my base on. All I’ve found so far are these dinky small ones with maybe one pad.


You actually found a planet that has no actual storms? I do not really believe these exist, with the exception of dead worlds with little to no atmosphere. For example, on the world I am on, the weather is rated as “Pleasant”. Storms are very rare, but when they happen, are they pleasant? Fuck No, they are face-melting scalding rain.


It is somewhere in the quick menu when you are flying in the atmosphere.


In my previous game before I restarted with the NEXT update my base was on such a planet. It was the second or third planet (in the first system) I ever visited. An earth-like planet w/o any storms ever. And I don’t believe I’ve seen one since.


The second planet I visited (as in, just after fixing my ship) is a Verdant planet with no storms. You will always get a storm when you’re doing the initial part of the questline to build a base, but there have been no storms after that.


Can anyone explain how hazard protection works? If I have a module that gives me Radiation protection, is that just an extra “life bar” or does it reduce the rate I lose the bar?


It’s an extra bar you have to feed. So the extra protection will burn down and then your hazard protection starts to lose power. The bad point is the material they take for power is different from the basic hazard protection, which means giving over inventory slots to the materials for them.

I have thermal modules for hot and cold, but I’m so lazy that I just leave them empty and then carry extra sodium for the standard hazard protection.


Okay, that was my take as well. I’d much rather just stock up on Sodium Nitrate than A) take up slots with protection modules and B) lug around all the different materials for them. What a pain in the ass.

I’d much prefer a passive system that upgraded hazard protection decay rates. As it is, I don’t see the use for the current system. Like you, I do have a Cold and Radiation protection but I just leave them empty.


If they charged themselves when not in use (even if super slowly (and then even if only during daylight)), they’d be much more useful. As is, I’m probably going to strip them out.

I have to visit one ridiculously hot planet that also has firestorms and the thermal protection means I don’t die trying to fire up a transmission tower, but outside of that the extra protection is empty almost all the time.


I have found the ramp to be extremely finicky to place. You can try using the terrain manipulator to lower the ground beneath it. I generally just move my door.

Face-melting scalding rain keeps the riff-raff off your paradise planets! Funnily enough a paradise planet I built a base on had this issue. 100ºC rain every 10-15 minutes and it lasts 2+ minutes long.

I ended up building another base on a temperate planet in a rich system. Still has scalding rain storms - and they’re hotter! But they come about 1/4 as often and last as little as a few seconds. And I can’t tell the difference between the paradise and temperate planet anyway.

Note that you’ll get a quest to survive an “extreme” environment for ~5 days. To do this you’ll definitely want those upgrades.


I find virtually no need for extra hazard protection. I do carry around some sodium just in case, but I never use it. I just don’t feel any need to wander around on foot for any great length of time. I take my ship almost everywhere. I too have some extra hazard protection plugins because I have all this space in my exosuit technology grid, but I’ve never recharged them. Once in a great while I might have to do some mining on an extreme world, and then I hop back in my ship to recharge. Of course you can also just dig a shallow hole with your terrain tool and recharge there. For the extreme environment quest I just flew around an extreme planet looking for depots to raid and factories to get blueprints from and I picked up the achievement during my time around those buildings.


Yup, that’s how I’ve been using it, and I guess the planet in question has extremely few big trading posts if any. I do think a mission sent me to one once because I took a screenshot through the scanner, but finding things by latitude and longitude is SUPER tedious because you can’t check your position while flying.


what’s the trick for using the exo-craft vehicles on other planets and away from your base? Do you need to craft their specific vehicle pads and then they appear and you can use them? Do you need to create a new base for that?


In my experience you have to craft a pad on each planet you want to use the vehicles on. You do not have to build a base however.

There should be a second category next to the mobile items on your default build menu.


Spent what little time I had to play this weekend making units and collecting blueprints. I linked three systems together into a nice little circular trade route that netted me about 30 million units in combined income. About one third of that was buying the most expensive trade item each system had (40-50 of them at a time) at the steeper planetside trading post discount, and then selling it (again at a trading post) in the next system. The other two thirds was buying Cactus-Star Bulbs-Solanium-Frost Crystals and crafting them into Circuit Boards for sale whenever a trading post would pay higher than 8% off the galactic average. I now have over 80mil units, and another run like that will give me more than enough to buy the mythical 48-slot fan-wing hauler, which I have yet to encounter.

I found a couple of planets in said systems with multiple operations/manufacturing centers, and collected 8 or 9 blueprints from raiding them. The biggest score was the blueprint for the Portable Reactor, a 5 mil unit item which is made from Liquid Explosive and Fusion Accelerant. All my other finds were more disappointing. Mostly alloys like Iridesite and Herox and low-level stuff like Nitrogen Salt. Since the economy changeover you can’t find anything but the most basic components on vendors, so you have to learn the progression of blueprints to make the expensive stuff. I also netted several exosuit slots thanks to visiting 3 new space stations and 3 or 4 drop pods while establishing the trade route.

I think rewards from quest givers and Polo may be broken. I swear the last half dozen quests I’ve turned in to both have resulted in the exact same “Life Support Upgrade Module B”. Even the stats were the same on the couple I checked. I sold them all for nanites to the exosuit vendor on the space station. It would be nice to get something else for a change though, like a reward I could actually use since I already have 2 S-class and 1 A-class upgrades. .