No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

Wow. This is a huge win for PSVR. Sony is killing it this generation.

Wow! That is big news. VR combined with multiplayer sounds amazing! The fact that they’re adding it into the existing game for free, not selling it as a separate “NMS VR” title or DLC…that’s huge. I don’t have a VR setup for my PC, but I’m damn tempted to buy one now given this news.

Hello Games took a ton of shit back at NMS launch, and not all of it undeserved. I myself joined in the chorus of people expressing doubt about the game ever overcoming it’s initial disappointments. Yet more than a year after launch I bought in, and LOVED it with all the changes they’d made over that time. And since then Hello Games has only continued to improve the product, always for free for existing owners. And now we’re getting true multiplayer AND virtual reality. Damn…

Hello Games hasn’t just redeemed themselves, they’ve basically set the bar for dedication by a developer to their consumers. Nice job guys, can’t wait to see what’s next from the studio.

This. So very much this.

I am looking forward to NMS in PSVR, but I feel dizzy in most VR games, so I hope this will be one I can handle. What worked well for me was Wipeout, Thumper, Polybius, Tetris. Skyrim made me dizzy, so I will see what they can do … and what controller options are supported

$24 at GMG for the next 24 hours.

The thing is, other than being a screenshot generator, I still don’t think there’s much to their gameplay loop. They’ve definitely redeemed themselves, but they haven’t necessarily managed to create a compelling game.

It isn’t that type of game. The “game play” is fine, but it is very sandbox where you need to supply your own goal. It engages me when I have a goal in mind, or when there is new content. If I can’t come up with a goal, it doesn’t engage me.

The VR is ok, of no interest to me, but will be to others. But I have a bad feeling about the on-line bit.

While the systems do feel shallow to some players I respectfully disagree.

When I first played NMS I played on survival and had a phenomenal opening experience. I started on a severely hostile frozen planet where I could not be exposed to the elements for longer than 30 seconds without my suit’s life support systems failing. That is one of THE BEST survival experiences I have ever had in gaming. Every short venture out of a cave or shelter had to be carefully considered, planned, and flawlessly executed. Everything felt so alien and surreal as I struggled moment to moment to improve my life support systems and eventually repair my ship. One of the closest experiences to STALKER that every STALKER spiritual successor has failed to grasp and execute.

I highly recommend the surival mode if one wants a more focused experience. If the RNG Gods favor you with a hostile starting planet, even better.

I agree that the addition of survival mode was good. The problem is that it has minimal impact beyond the first planet.

What does someone who has been out of the loop with this game since last summer need to know?

I’m sort of torn between picking up a previous game I have over 200 hours in and starting fresh.

Me too!

I would go with your current. Just grab a nice big freighter / fleet and enjoy the new content. I dont see much reason to go through the starting hassle again tbh. The game is way more fun after the journey up the unlocks for stuff etc.

But at 200 hours aren’t you kind of done with most things?

For sure. But if you are already there resource wise, then is the journey up really the fun bit of the game?

Not for me. I think its more the exploring new places and swapping out your gear aesthetic wise which is whats fun about the game and the new stuff helps that. The journey up with its resource hunt for various unlocks with accompanying inventory management etc I didnt really enjoy compared to the rest of the game, which I adore.

Think I’ll keep poking along with this fresh start. I definitely see the merit in Rod’s overall suggestion and of course I can still fall back on that. In that start I had something like 3 different S-class ships and a nice freighter and didn’t lack for anything and I do miss the ‘not having stuff’ climb to success. Like the first time you move up to a 20+ slot tool, and when taking on pirates was not a guaranteed proposition.

In my fresh start I’ve just about completed the objectives on the starting planet and can fly my crap ship up and scout for a better planet. Long live the naked explorer.

Hah! There goes Reddit winning the internet again. It might be a cesspool, but the collective has its moments.

That is so awesome!

But I have to admit, I was hoping the bump was because they annouced the third big feature. Or the release date. :)

The team must have been really happy to see that after all they have been through.

Yeah you’ve got to give these guys credit. They messed up, but they made up for it.