No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

I can’t wait to start this game completely from scratch with the new update. I never played much of NEXT and have no attachment to my previous saves, so it’ll be interesting to see all the new stuff from the last two major updates.

I wonder if BEYOND does much for the new player experience? Guess we’ll find out from the patch notes.

Hey, if he’s dead and still writes stories, I’m not going to complain.

I wouldn’t either. He was a really special talent. His dialogue reads like P.G. Wodehouse, which I thought I read was somebody he admired. I went on a rip lately filling in gaps in my Vance library. Araminta Station was a lot of fun. I’ve got Night Lamp coming in the mail which crazily enough does not seem to be on Kindle.

In Araminta Station the Conservancy runs these resorts in the wild parts of the planet where tourists come to gawk at the wildlife and watch the pageantry and fighting of semi sapient aliens. It would be cool if you could set up something like that in No Man’s Sky and charge people to stay at your lodge. I really hopeful about the direction this game is heading in. The VR looks amazing. But we shall see very soon. TM.

Me too!

Though I now have a wide screen monitor (gift from spouse!) and the UI for NMS on it is frighteningly bad. I hope they have some UI scaling in Beyond.

Well, we know they’ve pared the start back so you get airborne faster.

Yeah he’s pretty much my favourite author.

It’s been a long time since I read his sci-fi stuff. I did reread The Dying Earth pretty recently.

Summoning Complete. Patch Notes.

When is this update supposed to land? I don’t see anything queued up in Steam for it.

Usually a couple of hours after the PS 4 which has already started. I think with Next it was about 2 hours. But with some games there seems to be a standard steam update/release that happens at 1pm but don’t quote me on that.

I cannot fathom how they can continue work like this on a game that came out what, 2 years ago? The level of new stuff here is mindboggling, and its for free? In any other game or company, this would, at least, be a major expansion. And according to a tweet I saw, this is a “foundation” for many new things that may arrive? What the hell?

Holy… wow. Just wow.

I’ll have to start a new game for this. Today. And it’s probably the first time ever I wish I had VR.

I bought a VR set just for this. :)

I can’t afford one, alas. But if I could, I probably would too ;)

I hear you. After it was announced in March I quit my diet soda addiction, canceled a streaming service and put $15 a week in a jar. It was good motivation.

Already did all that to be able to afford other things here that are far cheaper than VR (at least here). If you like tech (hardware, especially) and all, don’t ever move to Brazil. ;)

Not to derail the NMS thread but it’s pretty ironic. Soccer/Football is so bad in the US here, I always wished I could move to Brazil or Argentina so my kids could actually learn the game. :) What a world.

Another big one, huh. They sure take good care of their creation.

All of this is very welcome:

Explorers can enjoy longer stretches of uninterrupted mining with less frequent and less aggressive sentinels, and a reworked overheat mechanic for the Mining Beam that rewards pushing heat to the limit.

Ship controls and space combat balance have been improved.

Inventory limitations have been relaxed, allowing explorers to carry near-unlimited quantities of mined substances. The inventory UI has been revised and improved.

A large number of quality of life issues have been addressed, and new recipes and technologies have been added to alleviate grinding.

I’m wondering if you will be able to tame and then transport animals from a planet to another base somewhere else? Probably not but maybe in a further update.

Toning down the sentinels is great news. This could be a good first step to making hazards on planets more diverse and organic rather than just these machine overlords. I know there is a whole lore behind it, but it was so pervasive and seemed more like a mechanic to extend grind than anything else.

All in all, this update looks fantastic.

Ok. That is some assistance with what in my mind is the games major flaw - the grinding. As the amount of things to do in the game increases I just haven’t felt satisfied with the amount of time spent material collecting.