No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

I don’t have VR either, but I would be interested in hearing how the VR experience works with NMS; especially with regards to alleviating nausea and such.

This update looks amazing. I am suddenly overwhelmed with games I want time with and it’s only mid-August. I have been replaying Fallout 4, need to learn AoW Planetfall, have to resume my Total War: Three Kingdoms campaign (and try out new expansion), and now this.

I’ll be checking out NMS VR tonight, hopefully, so I will try to report back.

Wow, there are a lot more changes to the overall gameplay, UI and balance than I was expecting, and it sounds like tons of new content between the 12 Travelers, new NPC missions, new multiplayer missions and redesigned existing storylines. I had expected VR and Multiplayer with a few tweaks to the base game to accommodate those, and frankly would have been very pleased with just that. Instead the entire game looks overhauled.

Can’t wait to try it out, though I do not think I will be starting over as I’ve invested 250 hours in my current game, and would rather just check out new content and maybe finally build a decent base.

I admit I’m tempted to see if I can score a PSVR/Pro rig off Craigslist for a reasonable price to try this out. It sounds so neat. But at this point I should really just hold off for the PS5/VR2 and play this on Xbone where I already have my save. Stupid me MS for giving up on VR grumblegrumble.

How is movement going to work in VR? Teleporting? Potentially nausea-inducing smooth scroll walking?

I’d say almost certainly this. I have strong VR legs and can stomach this without too many issues, but I wonder if the PSVR headset’s FoV and resolution will be a problem.

I don’t wish to seem ungrateful, but isn’t it odd that there’s a convenient asteroid field outside every space station?

Space stations are built in asteroid fields because of the easy access to building materials and fuel. They also serve as hubs for mining and prospecting operations.


Not a bad effort, that.

Awesome! This should be like being inside a Yes album cover when playing in VR :-)


So Steam is headlining the update, but it hasn’t actually rolled out yet…

Correction: It’s up. I had to restart Steam to get it downloading.

So, I plopped on my PSVR headset when I ran home for lunch just to check it out… And it feels awesome. The controls are very very well done (Move controllers) and the “feel” of the VR is spot on. I figred I would just check it out and shelve it a bit while playuing RG:O, but now… hmm…

The movement that I used was teleport, but I didn’t get a chance to check and see if there was a setting for it. Default is teleport.

Infinite storage space for minerals in Beyond! Now that’s a radical change.

Looks like I’m getting this.

Played on PSVR a bit. Yes, there is smooth movement and turning if you like. I turned on smooth movement, but kept turning on “snap”. It feels just fine. Interface is pretty well done in VR and I found myself getting acclimated pretty quickly. The VR tutorial is clear and easy to follow.

I managed to get my ship repaired and left the starting planet. It was initially a stomach-churning experience because I didn’t realize the flight controls were set to “down is down” by default and I was pulling back on the virtual stick to climb. Once I had that fixed, I got a lot better at flying. It’s still going to take some getting used to, but sitting the the cockpit (or heck even standing next to your ship) is very cool.

So yeah. It totally works in VR. Probably looks a lot better on Vive or Occulus, but since PSVR is the one I got, it’ll have to do.

Yeah it’s pretty awesome hey. But every time we get one of these big updates, NMS is back on the top spot on Steam’s Top Sellers list. I imagine console sales also pick up at these times too, since they’ve been putting out new physical releases.

I just got up, reading the notes now. Can’t play until after work - going to be a long day… ;)

This. Also, they made a ton of money during the initial PS/PC launch, however disgruntled the audience eventually turned. The team is what 8 people or something crazy? That money funds the studio for a long time.

I think they started with about 8 but are up to around 20 people these days, with a couple other projects in the works.

Fair enough, though it doesn’t change the math that much, and I’ll add that when it hit the Xbone, it was self-published on their [email protected] program, so no pesky publisher to take a cut of any sales over there.

I had a play with the VR on my Rift S, I cant claim to have been blown away. It seems like one of those experiences that begs for a large FOV as standing on a planet with this small viewport feels quite oppressive. My main take away though is that it was quite buggy and probably left for a few patches.

It always is after these big updates, and usually takes a couple hotfixes.