No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

LOL, it won’t even launch for me. The little Steam “Preparing to Launch” box pops up, then…nothing, just dumped back to desktop.

I’m updating my GeForce Experience drivers now. Hopefully that does the trick. Also, screw NVidia for putting their drivers behind a forced account login wall.

EDIT : So updating my drivers didn’t have any effect. Looks like I’ll be playing something else until they figure out WTF is going on with me and all the other people complaining that the game won’t even start for them.

Any way to set the VR resolution or anything on PC? What about locomotion controls, is it teleport only?

I’m impressed with how much work they put into the VR addition. The UI has all been very VR friendly, which oftentimes is not the case when it’s a feature that’s bolted on later. Still, for now I’m going to wait for a hotfix or two. There’s been some minor glitches with my Index like every now and then thinking I’m outside the play area, despite everything playing and reacting correctly. I also can’t seem to find any VR options, and whatever the default it’s using for the Index headset is off. I see posts on the Steam forums that one thing you need to make sure to do is disable VSync in the Nvidia control panel, so there are clearly some things they could iron out. I’m not surprised, this update is massive and they had to get VR support in for the PSVR, Oculus, Vive, and Index. That’s a lot to take on for a large team, let alone Hello Games.

I’m excited by what I saw and I’m looking forward to a hotfix or two.

Bought the game. Hmm, can’t move! Time to remap controls for my keyboard. Hey, wtf! Changing control input totally broke! Go to message boards. Hordes of angry gamers with same problem! Steam Refund.


PS4. PC antiquated.

In case anyone else is experiencing issues on The Anomaly, turns out something related to the new multiplayer features is causing problems. So I’d recommend turning off Ambient Multiplayer (PS4) in Options -> Network (on by default even, I believe, if you’d previously disabled it). Magically solved all my issues.

It would be cool to create your own intergalactic zoo!

That’s usually controlled by your HMD. The game should just do HMD native res, with Index you can play with supersampling in Steam to adjust up or down I guess.

Though there was some talk about the desktop res actually affecting HMD res…

That’s what I figured, but something definitely feels off in the default settings for the Index. It seems very blurry, serious jaggy lines everywhere, and doesn’t seem to be running at the correct refresh rate either. I’ll have to go rummaging through the options in Steam and see what I can find, usually I don’t have to adjust this stuff for VR games.

Yeah that might be the desktop issue thing. Force vsync off might fix refresh rate.
Also read you should turn antialiasing in-game off, maybe that makes things less blurry.

Sounds good, thanks for the info. I’ll wait for a hotfix or two to smooth some things out, then I’ll try some of those things and see if they make a difference. I’m in no rush to dive into this, with Rebel Galaxy Outlaw and Age of Wonders: Planetfall just releasing. Well, I mean, I’d like to play, but if I have the choice between playing two excellent new games or troubleshooting, I’m picking the former. :D

Cool, I’m still waiting for work to finish before I see how broken it is on my Oculus… :)

FWIW, from the bit I skimmed on the Steam forums it sounded like the Oculus support was in a better place. That wouldn’t surprise me if so, given the Index is pretty new and has a small install base.


That’s great news, exactly what I was hoping for. Hopefully the roughest of the edges are smoothed out by the weekend.

Patch notes

  • Fixed a rendering related crash.

  • Fixed an out of memory crash.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when manipulating inventory in close proximity to a high number of players.

  • Fixed a crash affecting VR with supersampling enabled.

  • Fixed a situation where network connectivity issues could prevent players from speaking to NPCs aboard the Space Anomaly.

  • Fixed an issue where storage containers could not be accessed.

  • Fixed a crash affecting unsupported VR hardware.

Players are encouraged to submit bug reports here

Oh dear, I may have to relocate my large, perfect base because it’s not located near any electromagnetic hotspots, which must be within the bounds of a base in order for the electromagnetic generator to work. Bioreactors eat through carbon like nobody’s business, and solar panels only produce juice during the day. Going to craft a bunch of both and a bunch of batteries, but Im worried that’s just not going to cut it. And I just finished relocating this one yesterday. Not sure if I have it in me to do it again.

Looks like it may be a good thing you hadn’t started on your base yet, @SlainteMhath!

I have an incoming message. I try to access the communication system on my ship. Nothing happens when I push the button. Why? Who knows? I try to exit my ship. Push the button. Nothing happens. Dear god how infuriating. The “music” is the same repeating monotonous drone for 30 minutes just pulsing and pulsing and pulsing. Fuck this game all over again.

Give it a couple days and some patches. Historically there have been noticeable bugs after a major release but Hello Games are usually quick to fix them. This studio always makes it right. My faith in them exceeds most of the industry.

Hit another roadblock in adapting my base to the new power requirements: construction limits. Adding a bunch of solar panels and batteries won’t be possible unless I trim a bunch of other stuff, not all of which I consider to be non-essential. Starting a new base from scratch is beginning to look more and more like a better way to go.

I’m nearly certain my base doesn’t have 3,000 components (counting the plants) but maybe I’m overlooking something.

Whew! I’ve been seeing a lot of crashes tonight, so it’s good to see they have some fixes coming.

I think the new player experience is much better now. That first hour of guided play is improved.