No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

I know it’s a comic and is intended to be funny, but “that easily pleased”? Yeah, that first year of release sure was a smooth ride for Hello Games.

Hello Games dug themselves out of the abyss through sheer determination and a whole lot of hard work over the span of years, all of which they haven’t charged a dime for. You don’t find players that easy to please, you earn their loyalty.

Okay, I’m done, sorry for a rebuttal on a silly comic. :)

I was about to say the same. I’d add that one needs only to go to the Steam forums to see that not all NMS players are actually “easily pleased”.

I made a fortune space trucking with the economy scanner, but be forewarned that to make real money hauling goods you’ll need a ship with a lot of empty cargo space. I’d also recommend upgrading the warp drive in your ship so you can travel to any color system, as it opens up your buying/selling options considerably.

There is a really good Steam Community Guide on the subject assuming nothing changed in the Beyond update. In a nutshell, the economy scanner shows you all the economic information for star systems in the star map view, allowing you to determine where to buy and sell goods to create your own trade routes and make some mad money.

You trade goods in loops depending on the industry of the systems involved, for example Advanced - Scientific - Trading (then back around to Advanced). The scanner not only shows you what type of industry is in a system, but the level of supply (you want to trade in high supply systems like Wealthy, Opulent, Affluent, etc.) and the margins for buying/selling versus the galactic average (anything higher than 20%/60% will make you money).

I’m sitting on 175 million units, and I’ve had even more in the past, the vast majority of which I received from running trade loops while exploring and scouting for S-Class ships to own.

Spending years releasing large updates, trying to fix and improve the game for free will earn a lot of good will with gamers, no matter the initial fuck up. Bioware/EA and SquareEnix of course do nothing of the sort and are all about maximizing profits with DLC and sequels. Nothing terribly wrong with that, but you certainly are not going to gain any billboards outside your office.

I am going to try and get back into this game for the 3rd time, having bounced hard off it both times before. I should love this game but I kept finding it empty and boring.

Excellent tips, man. Thank you for that.

Exactly, and they do get rewarded for that effort, every time a big patch drops, the game rockets back up into the top 10 of sales charts.

I made it about an hour before jumping back in to explore some more and earn my money back. Using 3 s class scanner modules on the multi-tool generates money so quickly. I think I get anywhere from 150k to 450k scanning fauna, and a flat 73k scanning flora. I got back up to 23m units, and then blew a bunch on nice hauler with a bunch of space, a decent fighter and explorer. So I think I have 4 ships currently, and I’m up to I think 6 frigates with 1 s class, 3 b class, and 2 c class right now. I don’t have a great freighter, so now that I have a decent explorer I think I will go off and build up a bunch of money to get a freighter with better inventory space.

just found a planet with Salvaging and holy cow is that fast money. i was making about 4 million every 30 minutes just bouncing back and forth between salvaging locations and trade depots. The basic items sell for around 200k each and occasionally you hit an item worth 1 - 3 million. Made enough last night to upgrade myself to a Class B Freighter.

Nice! I guess I should try to find that planet that listed Salvageable again. I wish they would offer you some method keep notes locally instead of forcing you to use pen and paper.

For VR, is there any way to enable smooth locomotion or is it teleport movement only?

Dude, NMS’s playerbase are ridiculously forgiving, for… reasons?

Every time I’ve gone back to that game, I get stuck in some questline that just jams up and then can’t ever be completed. And it’s always been some critical one that gives you some unique blueprint you need to do stuff.

Every time. Major, game breaking bug.

I give them credit for continuing to role, but man, I’ve given them multiple shots and had the game catastrophically fail every time.

But hey, I reinstalled it again, so let’s see how long it lasts this time.

I’d let it bake a bit longer before diving in

It’s OK to both be disappointed by bugs in NMS and also disgusted that CAD thinks that comic counts as “humor”

Important reminder:

Note: I have no qualms against the guy or this particular comic, but he has a reputation, for sure.

They just released a massive update they’ve been building for like a year. Given you past experiences, maybe its best to let it settle a bit? :)

Yes, smooth locomotion and smooth turning are options in one of the settings menus.

Hey, at least it’s not Loss. ;)

Heh, I arrived at my freighter to discover a gigantic astroid had spawned on it, completely covering the entrance to the docking bay. Then I go to my base to continue the Base Computer Archives mission, and the mission is now attached to a mining outpost base computer and not to my main base computer. So I reload my save, and now my freighter is no longer in the system, or any system, but I’m able to summon it. So I do, and when I debrief a mission commander I can’t proceed because the freighter doesn’t have enough inventory space, and I can’t move items from the freighter into my storage because now the freighter doesn’t recognize that I have storage rooms installed on it. But I’m able to move stuff into my ships, and finally able to debrief the commander.

Then I go back to base, and now I’m able to continue on the Base Computer Archives mission. Then I go to check the status of a large refiner, and find that for the third time it has deleted its contents between saves.

So far I haven’t encountered any catastrophic bugs in the Beyond update (knock on wood) but I kind of live in fear of it despite the fact that I’m having fun. So yeah, I’d say give the update some time to bake, Timex. Like, a few months.

So, by the time they release a new update, and break stuff again?

I may just start a new game, actually… a lot of the game breaking stuff tended to be related to bugs trying to adapt new features to old games.

Also, since it’s been so long, I kind of forget stuff, so maybe starting over won’t be so bad.

Also, bear in mind that I tend not to actually be that hard on a developer for broken stuff.