No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

I mean, it is but it isn’t. I think the issue might be that it’s pretty darned random. And that wide of a range means you can literally die within a minute, versus getting retirement level rich by the second planet.

I’m honestly not sure how they would fix that without taking away the randomness of the procedural systems.

Tiering and gating. Restrict those massive rewards to areas with very high hazard ratings, hostile wildlife, etc. That way, while you might run into it earlier on, you won’t be able to exploit it until you have the appropriate equipment.

The stated point of v2.0 was to integrate all these sewn-together patches into a more seamless whole. So it could be a bug as these sites were introduced in November last year. Unless it was also a problem back then.

When I last tried digging one it was defended. Not very well, so I still made off with 700k from one item! It was actually pretty exciting.

They do have more predators on some planets. One I was near dead by the time I had completed stepping out of my ship. Some of them swarm.

And to some extent they had tiered rewards. But one “reward” is now more obsolete with new systems. There are richer minerals and more rare spawns of items on “extreme” planets and planets of less hospitable environments. Some of these sell very well. Before freighter frigate missions, and bones, salvage scrap and the ruins were added harsh planets were the better ways of going the mining/exploring route to riches (space trucker was always there).

However, storm crystals were added a little bit ago and still make the harsher planets have a reward you can’t get elsewhere. And now in Beyond they are used in a new advanced recipe.

Planets with rewards but not risks are a reward to explorers, people that have visited 150+ planets finding one.

So I haven’t read every post here, but I gather that my Windows 7 / GTX 980 system may be a bit old for this? Should I get it on the PS4 instead? As it happens, I finally may build a new system in the next couple weeks, so my PC may soon be up to the task anyway.

Also, it doesn’t induce nausea in non-VR mode, does it?

And: is it fun? :)

I think the 980 would be just fine. I get motion sickness in some games, but NMS isn’t one of them. Not even in VR, actually, which is saying something.

Thanks to a helpful Redditor I was able to reset my busted progression-blocking quest, so won’t need to start a new game this weekend! Weeee!

In case any one else needs to reset a quest, the game lets you do this when you get far enough away from the quest target.

Easy way is to summon the Anomaly and use it’s portal to teleport to another player’s base. This should be far enough away that the quest can be reset.

Then teleport back, either from the teleporter if there is one or take off and summon Anomaly again. Reset the quest again when you arrive home and you’re good to go!

edit: keep in mind that some people report that using the Anomaly portal deletes their base and freighter, so do a manual save or backup first.

I’ve been playing on PSVR, using the regular controller rather than the move controllers. Works great- you might try a gamepad if grabbing the throttle and stick aren’t working great for you. I think they did a great job in accommodating vr preferences (smooth v teleport, move v dualshock, etc)

I was tempted to do that. Is it seamless to switch to the gamepad for space flight, or do I need to toggle around some options before it will recognize it instead of the motion controllers?

For some reason the PC version disables controller support when in VR.

Oh, well you just answered my question. :) Dang. That’s alright, I was starting to get used to the lack of feedback using the VR controls to fly. I think I’m just spoiled by having a HOTAS setup at home, so I’m used to having a physical flightstick and throttle in other space sims.

You’re not alone. I hate the virtual flight controls.

Yeah, I had tried virtual sticks before in a little game called Space Battles VR or something and didn’t like them there, but I didn’t know if that was just implementation. I don’t like them any better in NMS, although at least in that game you’re not spending all your time in your ship.

Interacting with the throttle and stick in VR space sounds really immersive so I get the thinking behind it, but the play experience isn’t great. I think they should just develop a control scheme using the motion controls from the ground up, not try to mimic a stick and throttle with no physical feedback. In most cases, doing things in VR is way more immersive but in this case I’m used to having an actual HOTAS in my hand for games, so this becomes much less immersive than it would have otherwise, even with a gamepad.

Looks like one of the two patches released yesterday finally addressed the graphic glitches with some NVidia 10XX cards.
I can see aliens again! Presumably I can also now see fauna on planets, but I wasn’t on long enough to drop down and check last night.

Before Patch: Uh…Mr. Vykeen, I think there may be a problem with your dentures?

After Patch: Welcome back little buddy!

I’m still not sure how much I will play right now given the myriad of other issues people seem to be reporting (the stuff that gets reset or goes missing after warps, portals and the like is especially disconcerting), but at least both of the problem I was personally encountering with the game seem to be fixed now, one by me, the other by Hello Games.

Wow, the first alien flew all the way from Assassin’s Creed Unity! Boy are his arms dentures tired.

I haven’t run into issues with anything disappearing with 2.09 (including when it was on experimental) so it seems to be getting better.

Also, did your Vykeen turn into a Korvax? :)

Oh! Does your freighter crew still change race based on system it happens to be in?

I’ll have to double check, but I believe I’m in a Korvax system, and the crew of my freighter is Vykeen.

Another day, another big patch:

Hopefully the camera in tight spaces fix will make fixing frigates less painful.

My beyond save says it is at 60 hours, so I guess I’m having fun.

How did I completely miss that there’s an Agricultural Robot?