No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

Understand your position. However, in my book they put their heads down and worked hard to redeem themselves rather than dumping and running as some would have done.

If anyone deserves a second chance and renewed goodwill they do.

Absolutely. At the same time, I think at least part of the reason they did decide to put their heads down and keep working on the game is 1) they knew Hello Games’ reputation was absolutely cooked if they didn’t, and 2) No Man’s Sky had made an absurd amount of money (it was one of the top selling games of the year and at $60 to boot), and thus their tiny team could more than afford it.

Like I said - they definitely deserve credit. I just wish Murray had to take a bit more accountability for the outright falsehoods, and felt that video posted above kinda softpedalled that aspect of it a bit, by putting it all down to social awkwardness.

So anybody have any guesses as to what is next this year? I would actually be overjoyed to have a paid DLC that added things like procedural quests/story lines, dungeons, starbases, strongholds, cities to the game. I know they have a mission system right now but it’s still tightly coupled to credits, nanites and reputation loops in the game. I play conan exiles and have no problem creating my own narratives but the game world there is so focused that it’s a lot easier for some reason. There is still a lot of a “generic” feeling to the main game play loop.

So you’re slightly annoyed that other people are willing to forgive, after four years and all the reparations made? :)

Also don’t forget they went through (and were cleared of) a false advertising investigation by UK authority.

All I’ve heard/read is something about the next big update being for the long-time players.

I’m not sure we’ll get stuff like procedural cities. I’d like a good pass on exploration with more variety to the planet, flora, and fauna pieces. Maybe they’ll do something with subterranean since that’s not really been touched yet.

Since apparently most long-term active players are focusing on multiplayer and building bases, it’s possible there’ll be more expansion to that.

OK, this is pretty cool.

Now you really can go to work on an egg.

I love this game. It had me at “hello”… games. ;)

points to the door

Get out.

Storage Sacs? Organ Chamber? Spewing Vent? Um…eww? =)

While I’m not sure I want to trade in the fan-engine hauler I spent dozens of hours hunting down and modifying for a giant space mollusk, I do applaud the creativity and the continued focus of Hello Games on giving their players more features, more options and more fun with every new (and FREE) update. Well done!

Goddammit. Now I have to fire up my PSVR version just to check this out. It sounds awesome.

Came here to post about this. Looks really cool.

Sweet, time to dive back in yet again!

I have this mental image of an organic ship thinking “Free Food Delivery!” when you board it … trust issues?

Organic ships remind me of Babylon 5 and Farscape, so seeing this in NMS makes my nostalgia glands tingle! ;)

The thing is, HG has stated that even more updates are coming. Given what they have put out so far, it will be interesting to see what else is on the table. They really have made up for the disaster the game’s release state was.

And Lexx!

Those are properties ripe for video games. I wish they were more popular. I’m getting kind of sick of Star Wars and Star Trek.

Oh man. I’ve had NMS fir ages and had never got more than 5-6 hours in with a single game. I trudged thru the tutorial planet once and hit to space and still had no idea what to do. I’d reinstall after every big update and Peter out before getting off the first planet.

But yesterday I installed again and had my ship repairs inside an hour, survived a blizzard, and took off to the second planet’s beacon and landed at that deserted campsite. Soooooo much better and quicker than any other time I’d tried it. I think the new quicker start was added a couple of updates ago but I must have never given it a chance. Plus the elements you need to craft we’re all fairly close by. I recall one previous start were I had to try and walk for over 30 min to get to something I needed but never could cuz I kept dying from the weather or acid or whatever. So if you haven’t tried in a while due to the long tutorial section it used to have give it a try now. It’s much easier to get into

Thanks. I got further than the tutorial about a year or so ago, but I haven’t really tried for at least the last two updates.

Mass Effect could do a space ships game.