No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

I think that works, too. If you start a party with someone, you can teleport to them from wherever? I did it with my brother a few times on Xbox. We had fun grabbing buggies and racing around.

Thanks for correcting my oversight on multiplayer, guys. Missions weren’t really working yet (or weren’t working at all) when the multiplayer stuff first came out, and then I forgot all about them.

I just started a new save and am having a blast again. Picked up 3 A class shuttles and am going to pass on fully repairing them. Have they changed how ships are sold, or do we still have to make them the active ship and then trade them in at a trading post? Also, is there a way to determine their potential value in advance? (Edit: ah, just spotted the trade-in price on the ship screen.)

Another question. I never developed a good system for finding a perfect home system, in my previous play-throughs. That is to say, I would browse the Galactic Map more or less randomly until I stumbled across a system that met my criteria (Gek, blue system, high economy, and ideally containing a nice planet or moon w/o aggressive sentinels). Sometimes I got lucky and found one right away, not too far from my starting system, but more often than not I’d have to strike out and keep looking until I lucked out. Is there a more efficient way of doing this?

I’m not seeing much of anything in my newest save, so I’m wondering if there’s something I could be doing differently to boost the search. Should I stop searching the area I’m in and look for a black hole, in order to troll other areas that are further out?

I never found a better way.

New thing I found while doing the Living Ship thing. There’s vendor at the space station (not Anomaly, just regular stations) that sells/trades for various waypoints. So, want to find downed ships? Boom. Done. How about secure installations for blueprints? Archeology sites? Portals? Etc? Boom. Done. Trade is one Nav Data or 15 nanites. Goddamn cheap. Huge QoL upgrade. They didn’t remove the grind, just made things more manageable. How long has this been in the game?

Being in a different iteration of the game itself after you get to the end of the path lets you choose the next galaxy type so to speak. You could pick one with more instances of nice planets.

… or you can join a friends game and pick one of their locations. :)

I never found a good method. There was no planet or moon I found that was perfect. Sentinels, fauna, environment, storms, etc. There was always a bad side to everything it seemed. So I had a main base and a few outposts I set up over time, then more big bases for processing ore, etc.

The ones where I wanted to farm salvage parts were the ones I needed to be fairly sentinel free, and easy to travel with a buggy. The ones I needed for a specific resource were just outposts with a teleporter mostly. The ones where I loved the view and built a base I ended up tearing down later on once I found the negative with the location.

Once you can build a teleporter, you no longer need to be in a high economy system. You can port there to sell or buy what you need, then port back (once found anyway.)

You could build near a portal, thus allowing you to go nearly anywhere. Those tend to be horrible storm planets if my experience was any indicator.

You can even build on one of the large landing platform trading posts if your ship hunting. I did that for my main base. You can’t build right under the main trading area, but you can on any of the branches off of it, or the ground underneath the large trading platforms.

Yup, huge QoL upgrade for sure. I like how they apparently snuck it in like that. I’ve noticed a pattern where an essential system like that one (integral to basic planetary exploration) looks incomplete for some time, and then at some point between major updates it gets a quiet overhaul that revolutionizes the feature. I think they pick areas that really deserve the attention. I’m currently hoping that they’ll do something similar with freighter stuff, which is also very deserving of love imo.

Yup, all great tips for sure. Really appreciate the thoughtful advice. I remember doing stuff like this in my last couple of play-throughs. And yeah, seems like there’s always going to be some niggling detail or some feature of a planet you pick for your huge base that makes it a less-than-ideal option. Like this paradise planet I found in a blue star, rich economy Gek system is great, but it has frequent storms. So I’m making it my “main” base for now (storage, basic refinery), but it doesn’t deserve a ton of TLC. It’s always something, isn’t it?

And RE trading post bases, I did that once but the traffic noise got to me. Now I drop a base a within sight of it but not right next to it, and maybe put a basic teleporter and refiner on the platform itself.

Oh, speaking of that, I noticed that portable refiners have waypoint icons now. Very cool, as save beacons are limited to something like ten per planet, which really limits poi waypoint capability.

Yeah, this. Still, I think I’ll be starting on my freighter fleet soon. I have the basic one they give you when you win the space battle, but have done literally nothing with it since, as I’ve been trying to get the Living Ship. Now that’s done, time to build a fleet! Especially since the Mech update apparently adds a freighter room that lets you drop exocraft to any planet in a system with your freighter- no structure needed. That’ll be nice.

Just decline freighter offers until you get that S class super ship.

What’s the quickest way to get freighter salvage modules? Destroying cargo pods? Nexus missions? (Which Nexus missions?) Feels like they’re a rare drop when looting crashed freighters.

I got 2 last night doing Freighter Salvage pods. Hit the Nav Map seller, buy distress signals, and start grabbing freighter salvage seems good.

I got one after twenty distress signals. Lots of abandoned buildings, though, so I’ve perfected a new whispering egg harvest method (no more hiding between each egg grab).

Spent some time on Nexus missions, they’re pretty cool. Having other players on the same team felt kind of pointless, though. But I nabbed some good stuff, including one freighter salvage pod.

Did ten more distress signals, no freighter salvage pods this time, so one out of 30 so far. Guess I’ll go attack some NPC freighters next.

Oh my God. I just discovered that in order to bring my freighter to the blue star system I currently reside in, it’ll take 4 hyperdrive upgrades (24 freighter salvage modules!).

Apparently this was changed somewhat recently and has a lot of players confused, in part because the pop-up message you get when you attempt to summon your freighter simply says, “can’t warp freighter here.”

Fortunately, I’m finding a single salvage module at about half the NPC freighters I check, so I guess that’s the quickest way to get them.

What difficulty level are you all playing with?

Normal here. I haven’t checked out the the other modes. I’d suggest experimenting with two save slots, one Normal and one Survival. I hear Survival is kind of brutal, Hardcore (or is it called Permadeath?) even more so.

Damn you guys are making me wanna jump back into this…

Quick update on my freighter salvage module obsession: blowing up cargo ships speeds it up quite a bit. Initially I avoided them because you lose faction points, but later I realized that recovering those points is pretty simple.

What view do you all like to use? 1st person or 3rd person?

Cool I’ll need to remember that.

1st person here, unless I want to pose for a screenshot.

First person, VR if you have a rig. It’s my favorite PSVR game right now. Same game, but the immersion makes it so much cooler.