No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

Agree that it was the expanding the base. Have had other large bases that had no issues.

So if I find a hotspot 1000u away from my base, how do I get a power cable connection to stretch 1000u from the generator back to my base parts?

I used lights. Run past base as far as it lets and where the power cable terminates, slap down a light. That gets you more range. Pick up the power cable and run toward the power spot as far as you can. Another light. Repeat.

Excellent, thanks!

Lights are simplest and what I use as well. But if you want a bit more immersion, you could try power pylons using half arches.

Stolen from reddit:

You might want to consider something a little more elaborate if you’re running a pipeline also. Usually I try to run both electrical and pipes in the same run. Saves time.

If you’re stringing power line you can click anywhere and it will make a connector, you don’t need to connect a source and a destination with a single line. I have made power lines that have maybe 20 “joints” in them (in my base above I ran it under a walkway from the generator to the portal and then at the end brought it up through the floor to the building.

Ha! I just came here to thank all of you for the advice and brag post about how I decided to use half arches to create faux power poles, and then I see this post with even better looking poles than mine. -sad trombone-

I did manage to find a hotspot (Grade C - 50%) about 800u away from my base. Of course it was at the bottom of a steep ravine. I left a signal booster on top of it and returned to my base, then began stringing two power lines, one from each corner of the main buildings, out to a power pole (two lights on two half arches) and just kept moving further out towards the hotspot, dropping power poles and stringing lines as I went. At the ravine I had to terraform both a tunnel through the cliff side and a little earth platform to hold the final power pole in order to string the final segments. I dropped a power converter, attached the strings and my whole base lit up! Woooo!!!

Here’s a screenshot of my attempt at becoming the NMS Electric Company.

One more question though…can I put more than one converter on the hotspot? It allowed me to put a second one down next to the first one, and the string lit up when I attached it, but I am not sure how to see if it’s actually producing anything or if the current is just coming back into it all the way from my base since technically it’s a complete circuit back to the first converter.

Thanks for the help everyone. It’s so cool to have a large, powered and working base finally!

You should be able to click on one of those converters and see how much power it has available to it and how much is in use… I’ve never tried putting multiple converters down but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Awesome! Yeah, you can (and probably should) daisy-chain at least a few EM extractors together. You’ll see the kP go up as you do so. Just one power line going from any one of the extractors and back to the base, and another to any other hotspot in the area, though. Speaking of, you might want to scout one more time for additional hotspots near your generator site. You never know.

Now that you have that set up, it’s worth considering moving your base computer to a point midway between the two sites. First, place a signal booster down at the halfway point, in a location where you want ro relocate the Base Computer. Then save the game, and using the save editor, browse to your save, open it, and use the editor’s built-in feature to swap that signal booster with your base computer. (You can also swap with a blueprint station.)

Not required by any means, but if you do that your new 1000u (or 1200u if you’re ambitious) base radius will extend equally around a point that you define.

Very nice!

You can also see the usage on a battery. I keep a battery or two (they fit neatly under cube stairs) in my bases when/after using full EM power so I can check. Then I know when I need to go out to the spot and add another converter due to construction without actually going out there.

Just wanted to say, I bought this game on release and this is my first day ever giving it a try! I am hopelessly lost, but learning enough to keep some small progression going and not frustrated at all yet!

My first planet was like -54 C and I froze to death at first, but before I froze the second time I figured out how to charge up my suit to brave the elements. Finally repaired my ship and am on my second planet now, working on a small base just to fulfill the quest progression. I had no idea you could bury holes thru mountains and mine ore that way! Reminds me of the short lived new EQ game in how you burrowed in the earth to harvest.

I think I am going to like this game!

I just started playing this a few months ago and I agree at the beginning everything seems so foreign,Plus you start on a veryPunishing planet by by design.But after a few hours things are clicking and I have had a great time playing.

To me, the first hour of the game and the rest of the game were two totally different experiences.

I think I am done with my base building for now, barring a couple of extra decorative touches here and there. I’ve got everything working to produce components for Circuit Boards in my biospheres (about 5mil units per harvest), tons of storage, all of the technician stations, large refinery, portal, landing pad and the Roamer, Nomad and Colossus geobays (no water nearby, so no Nautilus). With easy access to the Colossal Archive next door, and a series of short jump trade routes to multiple high economy systems that can make tens of millions of units per route in trade, I’m set for making money and staying supplied.

I’m going to finish off the tail end of a couple of tasks in my journal and maybe hunt for an S-class freighter next, maybe loot a couple more derelict freighters too, then I may be out of stuff to do again until the next big update.

Anyway, screenshots!

Slainte Base Alpha

Slainte Base Alpha @ Night

Specialist and Transportation Terminal

Exocraft bays and maintenance center

Every good Vy’Keen mechanic needs a workshop!

Colossal Archive with my base and freighter in the background

Looking good!

Do these actually serve any purpose after you’ve done their story tasks and unlocked the things they give you? Do you ever need to build them a second time?

Unless anything related has changed in Origins (doubt it), they no longer serve a purpose once you’ve completed all their tasks.

Cheers. With the hundreds of hours I’ve played this game I never actually got that deep into base building, and always wondered if maybe there was something later on that they were useful for!

Technically, No.
Aesthetically though, it’s nice to have your base “populated” by some other characters. Each of the technicians does have a final end state where they either attempt to give you something (the multi-tool guy) or send you out on a simple task with small rewards (overseer, farmer, exocraft guy).

In my case, I hadn’t actually completed the quest line from the exocraft tech so I needed to build his station, the others I just wanted for the effect of making my base feel like a living, working space with stuff that happens when I’m not there (even though nothing actually happens).

Also, except for the exocraft guy they can all be placed on your freighter after too. So I usually build a nice sciences/lab room and sometimes an armory on my freighters. But like you say just aesthetics.

Now the freighters have the exocraft store/port beam they should probably allow him too. I wish they’d then give you a widget you could build like it that would act as the base for each exocraft as well. Better in the long run for freighter nomads.