No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

Oh, right, that tech is and will probably remain unique. Neat idea.

So are you saying you didn’t really enjoy it or what? I got the impression it’s a little diversion they are injecting now and then to give people a bit of variety. Totally optional of course so if they aren’t fun I expect people won’t do them.

It wasn’t fun. You can’t play it with MP disabled to start, and they put everyone on the same planet.

Step one, build a base computer.

Step two, build an Exocraft (limit 5 per planet).

Wasn’t very well thought out, imo.

Hmm…I have played it with MP disabled. I was also getting the warning about the exocraft limit, was able to build the platforms away from my base.

I found someone else’s and it let me use it, counted as milestones. Don’t ask questions, I didn’t.

It was a lot of fun. :)

I’m almost done with phase 3 and I don’t want it to end. I wonder how long until expedition 4…

You can disable multiplayer right off the bat, which should mitigate most/all of the usual issues. You just can’t start new saves with that option already turned off, unfortunately.

And yeah, I had a great time in the first Expedition, enjoyed the second less (mostly because of the shorter duration), and didn’t enjoy #3 much at all. By the time I was working on my last milestone (Industrialist), I was cutting every corner I could think of just to be done with it.

Love the new construction pieces, mostly appreciating the new building system, and I think the Settlement stuff is a much better fit than I was expecting back when it started to become clear that was what was coming. It does still feel pretty shallow, but that’s consistent with other features, IMO, and not much of a surprise. I would love to see them expand it, deepen it, and make it a more fundamental part of most gameplay, but I don’t have high hopes that any of that will happen, as it would probably be at odds with HG’s design philosophy. If they at least made more decisions have actual tangible consequences, that would be very welcome.

Also, this game really deserves a full-blown sandbox mode, I feel. I have fun devising different scenarios on my own, but I would be overjoyed to see HG open up more options and levels of control.

I’ll just stop posting opinions here. Sorry about that, then.

I don’t understand. What’s wrong with Profanicus enjoying it more than you and I did? It should be OK to enjoy something that others don’t, right? I don’t think anyone was calling you out or anything.

They were helping you? Your first major complaint was that it wasn’t fun - primarily because you couldn’t start with MP disabled. They were merely letting you know what this wasn’t quite accurate, and future expeditions might be more fun now that you have the tools you need to mitigate your primary complaint…

And just providing their own opinion, of course.

No. I’m just always wrong. Except for the fact that you have to start the stupid expedition in multiplayer even if the first thing you do when you spawn in is turn it off. The planet is somehow still plastered with other players bases and vehicles.

I also don’t have Gamepass.
I like all of the Star Wars films.
I don’t fight about Marvel but I quite like it.
I play a bunch of simulators and games that are just bad.
I like the end of Mass Effect 3.
I thought Andromeda was great and I need to play it again.
I liked the Matrix trilogy as a whole.
Assassin’s Creed was my favorite series until the last three abominations came out and ruined it.
I like dumb TV shows.
I don’t watch horror movies or play horror games.
I think the end of Battlestar Galactica was great.

I don’t feel like I belong here unless I’m playing a forum game and those days are over.

I’m going off to be alone with my shit games and to keep my wrong opinions to myself.

Unless you’re posting some anti-vaccine garbage or racist or sexist sentiments, there’s not much here that gets called out as “wrong” or against the forum. These are all casual discussions and saying you didn’t enjoy your experience in a No Man’s Sky expedition is no more wrong than saying you did enjoy it.

Except for all the creeps that support pineapple on pizza. They are wrong.


I’ve had deeply unpopular opinions about games and movies and tv shows but really the only place you get crucified for a different opinion is P&R. Maybe you are reading the tone of the responses different from the way they’ve been intended.

I liked Supernatural, even the ending. And I’ve never watched Gilmore Girls. As Telefrog said, stay away from P&R type opinions outside of P&R and no one is really judging you. We’re all random old people on the internets masquerading as Muppets and various other figures pining for the days of the internet being an underground for tech heads only - we grew up on crap stuff.

I was going to say you’re wrong in saying that, but for some reason I don’t think that would help. ;)

I agree. It’s stupid.

I’m with you on those.

Please stay. I’m definitely an odder fit for this board, and by some standards as a gamer at all. I need the company. ;)

Sometimes I take recharge breaks though. In these times, a good idea from anything, for anything. Times are rough outside games.

I haven’t been able to stick this expedition either. Even the lure of the tech is meh since the actual ship ends up being a model I dislike in a color I dislike. Deep red double wing, and my preference in exotics is lighter colored guppies. I restarted many times, and the same model always.

I haven’t been able to stick the last update due to bugs. That will sort itself out eventually. And I’m sure I have fun left in this game, even if it is mostly showing it to family that hasn’t seen it yet. Yeah, the systems are shallow, but to those newly retired and new to games, or new to the genre, or people my age slowing down … that ends up being a plus. I’ll keep playing it intensely in short spurts. But my next spurt will be after some more bug fixes, or maybe when someone I know is a good fit to check it out.

I feel like I often agree with your take more than I disagree. Other times I’m just jealous of you. I wish I liked the end of Battlestar Galactica too! How come you get to enjoy it and I don’t? Damn it. I need your brain.

I’m very late to the NMS party, but here’s my recently acquired “SW-8 Resurgent Interest”:

S class, max size captial freighter with 34+9 slots. It’s absolutely huge. The frigate in front of it almost disappears.

Very impressed with what Hello Games has done with the game. It is very different to what I played at launch.

Nice! :)
That looks awesome.