No Man's Sky - Exploring a 60s-Scifi-cover themed universe (post-release thread)

Glad you got that sorted. Lots of folks have lost save progress (or entire saves in some cases) because of cloud issues. Disabling NMS cloud saves in Steam, and then making manual backups periodically, might be a good idea. Here are the Steam folders:

Steam on PC: %appdata%\HelloGames\NMS\st_<Steam64ID>\...

Steam on Linux:
$HOME/.local/share/Steam/steamapps/compatdata/275850/pfx/drive_c/users/steamuser/Application Data/HelloGames/NMS/st_<Steam64ID>/...

Oh, and a guy on the official unofficial discord maintains this NMS backup utility:

BTW, I don’t know if it’s just me, but NMS doesn’t seem to see my Xbox Series controller at all. Even in Big Picture mode. I guess I’ve got to haul out my Xbone one, or even my only remaining wired 360 one.

Assuming you’re sure Windows actually sees the controller, take a look at:
NMS Properties → Controller
NMS Properties → Controller → Controller General Settings

Yes, Windows sees the controller just fine-- I just played through a DLC for Shadow of War with it. So you’re saying look at the properties of the Steam library entry for the game? Okay I’ll try that, but within the game’s options I got bupkis.

Sorry, I forgot to specify to look for those in Steam.

Thanks, that did the trick- don’t know why, but all controllers but the Steam one were disabled for some reason.

Now I’m sort of relearning everything, but there’s so much new stuff since I last played.

Oh, a tip that might help down the road. When you have a sec, go into NMS Settings > Controller Configuration and export your current config. It will save to the cloud, and you can then tweak and change it over time.

Some NMS updates overwrite or break bindings, especially for controllers, for some reason.

Yet another new update. Seems to be “only” an expedition this time.

So the Space Whales aren’t new? Why does he mention them separately? To remind people that they were already in the game?

(Sorry, I don’t keep track of the updates, so apologies if it’s an annoying question).

Space Whales are new, but I think that they might be the final reward for the expedition.

The update is called “Expedition seven: Leviathan”, so “expedition” is in the update name. That’s why I thought there’s little else in this update. Not that I complain. There’s not that long ago since their last major update Outlaws.

Here’s the release notes:

Okay, this is an Expedition that might pull me back in.

Just when you thought you were out… ;)

A rogue-like survival mode does sound interesting. I never enjoyed crafting/ wide open make your base type games, but a dangerous loop in a space world that wants to kill me might work. And I’ve really been tempted to give it a go in VR on the PC. Will the rogue-like mode still be a game mode after the event? Does anyone know how NMS currently performs in VR (I think when I last asked it had problems).

The roguelike stuff will be limited to the new Expedition. I get the impression that it’s an experiment, so if things go well perhaps they’ll find a more permanent place for it down the road.

As for VR, I see plenty of positive reports about it on the discord, but there are also issues and limitations.

I don’t think it will ever not have problems, unless they switch to OpenXR. Native Steam headsets probably work better until then.

That said, I wouldn’t play it any other way, even if it does struggle to keep consistent framerates. Lower the settings, lower the res, lower the refresh rate, all help to make it a more solid experience.

Implementation is good, especially for a ‘tacked-on’ VR mode. Control-wise, dogfighting kind of sucks due to the virtual sticks, but everything else is great.

There are a few specific features that just don’t work/aren’t supported, too, such as traveling through the Centre. I forget what the other ones are, unfortunately.

Correct, that’s a long-standing issue and you have to switch to flat screen to do it. Traveling through the centre is a pretty rare thing though, at least for me.

PlayStation (5) VR2 Announcement trailer:

Also, I jumped into the new expedition, and jumped out a few minutes later. Most of the milestones I earned between reaching the ship and reaching the Anomaly made no sense to me, and the backstory ended up feeling too on the nose given that all the different ways of playing I’ve tried in the past year or so have already felt like being in a loop.

This can’t run well on a Switch can it?

Weren’t there pretty big performance improvements in the first year or so? I don’t think you could hit 60fps on the last gen at release but eventually that was possible (maybe just on PS4 Pro/Xbone X).

The Switch sounds a little crazy, but I can imagine a graphically scaled down version flirting with 30fps and someone deciding that’s good enough.