No Man's Sky goes home for the holidays

That’s video for the Foundation Update which was just released for No Man’s Sky. It’s a substantial addition to the space wanderer experience from Hello Games that mainly adds a customizable home base for players to return to after traveling. Along with base-building, the update features a new, harsher survival mode to test players’ scavenging and hoarding skills, farming, automated mining, buildable waypoints to help map systems, the ability to hire mercenary space freighters, and a revamped user interface. Will it be enough to overcome the post-launch backlash against No Man’s Sky? According to Hello Games, the Foundation Update is the “first of many” free updates to the game.

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It seems to need a complete overhaul. Having a plot would help.

Hmmm. I am not sure I agree. But I once did:

A plot means the player making choices. I was interested in No Man’s Sky. Until, upon release, I realized that it had none. I reject (and have rejected) that so-called Hague Convention of 1978. I want my underrepresented theaters. :). I want a Fantasy game without freaking Halflings. I am tired of the Bulge, Kursk bores me, I want the War of the Spanish Succession (or at least theSeven Years War) as a Grand Strategic Global Conflict. And I want my Galaxy exploration open world game to have a freaking story.

Sacrilidge. Burn the heretic!!