No mention of Safari 4 beta?

It’s supposed to be faster, it has coverflow for your bookmarks and a “top sites” feature like the Chrome start page, but most important for you heathens is that you can now use Windows’ font rendering if you can’t handle the excellence of Apple’s rendering. Also, it looks more Windows-y (on Windows, not the Mac version of course), which I thought I’d hate, but actually doesn’t bug me.

Lets see if it works in Windows 7.

It’s been so long since I used a Mac regularly, but if it does work and doesn’t load the previous pages contents into every new window, then I’m probably sold.

edit: Works fine.

Installed it a bit earlier on my MacBook Pro but haven’t had time to really mess with it quite yet.

I’ve been using it. It’s pretty nice, but I completely friggin’ hate the new tab bar. Fortunately, you can set a default to turn it off and go back to the old one. At least, on the Mac. I dunno if you can on Windows.

Things definitely seem faster than Safari 3, and I like the new search and address bar autocompletion.

Dunno about Top Sites yet. My wife likes the equivalent Opera feature a lot, but I’m not sure I’ll use it.

I continue to be baffled by Safari not even having the option to force any link that launches a new window to go to a tab without having to hold down a button. As far as I can tell you will still have to find some add-on to do this.

Am I missing something?

There’s a preference that when external apps launch a new link for it to be in a tab instead of a new window, but no, as far as I can tell, there’s no way to force all new windows into new tabs instead. Never occurred to me, but obviously browsing habits differ.

Just looked and couldn’t find this feature in preferences. Am I missing something? I’m willing to give the new tabs a try, but I’d like the choice if it’s there.

I’m certainly not averse to changing my habits, but I just don’t get this one. If you make a tabbed browser why would you ever want a new window unless you have dual monitors (which I do, but I want to tell it when I want it do that)?

How do you handle it - do you just instinctively hold the apple button down, right click a link, or do you actually like having a new window launch?

Running it on my Mac. Nice and fast.

Hints for flipping some behavior back the old way

Ahhhhh, there it is.

If you care, enter this into terminal:

defaults write TargetedClicksCreateTabs -bool true

Change the true to false if you want to go back.

I only use Safari to Browse Apple forums. Launching new windows all the time annoys me greatly, so I’ve stuck to Opera.

Neat option, but why the hell isn’t that in the preferences?

Hell, I have no idea why it isn’t the default.

Really liking it so far.

I only use Apple products that I’m forced to use.

I’m amused that they’ve basically thrown out everything about version 3 in favor of a Chrome clone. I appreciate the way both reclaim some vertical resolution by putting tabs in the title bar, but I much prefer the look and behavior of google’s browser. The default to new windows instead of new tabs and the lack of a visible option to change that is really stupid, though.

Still, I’d use Chrome exclusively if it weren’t for a couple niggling things that bug me. The built in spell checker is still really awful. And there’s no way to block noisy flash ads.

So Safari 4 isn’t quite there. Chrome still isn’t where I want it. I guess what I want now is for Firefox to get a visual update in the Chrome mold to reclaim all those wasted pixels in the title bar!

I’ve rearranged my Opera to get more vertical space available:

There doesn’t seem to be a way to change the width of the various panels, but it feels better than Safari.

I tried to use PowerPoint last week, and Steve Jobs broke into my apartment last week and held me at gunpoint until I wrote the presentation in Keynote instead. Man, I hate it when he does that.

Nice job, Damien. What he’s doing during his “leave of absence” was supposed to be a secret.

Is there any way to get the URL bar to function like Chrome? I guess it’s not a big deal to tab over to the search bar, but… I really really like having autocomplete for URLs and google search integrated into one handy location. I think IE does this, too.

A “middle click” (scroll wheel) opens links in a new tab in the background with very few exceptions. Works on my PC and with the Mighty Mouse on the Mac at work. If I couldn’t do that then yes, I’d be very annoyed.