No more Damacy

Sorry if this is old news, but I just heard about it in PSM and got it sorta confirmed from the namco forums. The development team has split and the director said there is not going to be anymore katamari games.

He said he’s already working on something new that doesn’t have anything to do with the damacy games. I respect the fact that he wants it to go out on top sort of. But I was a huge fan of it along with the manager at my local Eb.
I own both games on the ps2, but not the psp one.

Other than just cramming more content into the engine, I’m not sure there was a lot left to do with Katamari Damacy.

Frankly, I’m glad the team has moved on, because I’d rather see the developer’s creativity set loose. Imagine if Will Wright were stuck working on Sims expansions…


It’s a good thing. It’ll be good to see what else he can come up with. He can always come back to it a few years from now if he needs to. Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Hope he revisits that old little-girl-riding-around-on-telephone-wires game he was working on before Katamari. That always looked great to me.

I could live with no more Katamari games, but can we at least have more Katamari MUSIC?

It is hardly surprising, anyway. Takahashi did not even want to do a second game. And Namco probably want to avoid upsetting the current industry favourite.
That said, I have seen a lot of doubt and accusation flung at the creators of Katamari. Large cries of ‘one hit wonder’. I wait for his next title joyously, mainly because that is how I expect his next game will be.
Joyous in style, like his ideas.

Actually, I read this on the web a couple of weeks ago, and the diagnosis I read is that this doesn’t necessarily mean there’ll be no more damacy games – it just means he won’t be working on them. After all, he didn’t work on the PSP one either…

Namco (or whoever officially owns the IP) would be insane not to revisit in a while. I know I, for one, would love to push a katamari with my revolution ‘remote’…

After all, he didn’t work on the PSP one either…

…and it was pretty awful, at least in my opinion. Besides the controls, the level design/game flow (breaking everything up into tiny, looping challenges ) stripped a good chunk of fun from the game.

That said, the DS is crying out for a Katamari game. CRYING OUT!

It really isn’t. I’d be interested in seeing Katamari work as a 2D platformer, but that’s about all you could do on the DS.

Why do you say that, Mr. Rex DX? I would think the DS could handle Katamari’s 3D just fine, considering how well Metroid Prime Hunters worked. As for the interface, well, I’m sure they could do something really nifty with the stylus.


Perhaps have a ball on the bottom screen that you ‘stroke’ to move, and so on. Camera could be on the d-pad.
However, I am with the creator here. If he wants to keep his ideas to a single game, then Namco should respect that.
Of course, that is divorced from the actuality of what will happen…
Edit: Damn. Left myself wide open

You know, I was going to make a ball-stroking comment, but it would just be too easy. No challenge.

You certainly have a long familiarity with the whole subject. If we are talking about animals’ balls.

You could make it look right, but the draw distance/amount of objects would be way off, and that’s so important for Katamari’s sense of scale. You really ought to be able to see/get knocked about by what you’re going to be rolling up in three minutes time. Plus to watch that big ball get more and more packed with crap. To look at it another way: how much worse would the PS2 version/s be if they sacrificed scale etc. for more complex objects? The DS version would be like that, without the complex objects.

I think this is pretty old news.

In fact, I seem to remember hearing that the creator of KD wanted to take a break from designing video games and take a stab at making children’s playground equipment. Or was I just dreaming that?

Oh my, that’s not likely to end well.


that playground comment was in this BBC article.

he’s trained as a sculptor, so he might actually be quite good at designing playgrounds…

I queried my inner child about how he’d feel about Katamari Damacy playground equipment. “Inner Child,” I said, “Picture some sort of climbing structure, that looks like a jumble of cars, trees, people, dogs, phone booths, fire hydrants, and maybe an elephant. Because of how they’re put together, there’s climbing holds everywhere, and it’s shot through with tunnels. How do you feel about that?”

“Why the fuck are you an adult now?” my inner child demanded in despair. “Why must you torture me?”

So if by “not likely to end well” you mean awesome, I agree.

I’m trained as a sculptor and I have no fucking clue how to make a safe, fun playground.

Dude, I’ve played Odama. I know what could really happen. I’m imagining children being crushed by giant rolling balls that obey Real World Physics rather than Katamari Physics.

Plus, if you get, I dunno, a signpost or the post from a set of monkey bars sticking out, you’re liable to put out some kid’s eye.