No more GTA or Hitman for you, murderer 43531-32A!

My wife’s comment: "Why are they playing these games when they should be making license plates for us?

Don’t you watch CSI? Inmates are the new cheap call-center resource!

Maybe they could do Q/A for EA and kill two birds with one stone?

I really think those bastards should be working, to pay part of their cost of living back. Some guy murders another guy and gets hotel mama with videogames, costing the taxpayer thousands of money. Nice! Make them pay, not play.

This is probably going to turn into a politics thread.

Aw they took away Bards Tale?

They should playtest the newest Battlecruiser then…

Inmates do work but not every waking moment, and recreation is an absolutely vital aspect to maintaining a safe prison.

Would you rather be a guard at a prison full of violent offenders who were force to work 18 hour days with no downtime, or a prison where they keep regular working hours and, with good behavior, are allowed to watch TV, read or play videogames in the evenings?

If an inmate has no priveliges then the guards have nothing to take away for misbehavior, and hence no means of responding to violence other than with violence. Bad, bad idea.

Work is optional. You cannot be forced to work in most cases. This has been found to equate to slavery, and slavery was outlawed by Lincoln. This is why hardlabor is no longer sentenced, but prisoners often do work in order to get out sooner for good behavior, and as a source of income while in prison.


From the article, I was under the impression they bought the video games from money they made through working.

They should be able to read, NOT play videogames.

Why? Is reading considered a punishment? Or are videogames not a worthwhile pastime?


Reading is way cheaper than providing videogames. Generally they can increase their knowledge and intellect via reading more-so than plating videogames.

Intellectual/knowledgeable criminals sound scarier than dumb ones. :P

What we have here is a problem of communication.

Whatever happened to having inmates spread tar on back roads in the hot sun for work? Or digging ditches, or breaking rocks?

For recreation, let them see who can eat the most eggs.

They should playtest the newest Battlecruiser then…[/quote]

That would be cruel and unusual.

Based on this wildly untrue statement, I have to ask: is any part of that post not made up?

I can eat 50 eggs in an hour!

I hear they’re putting a strip joint in San Quentin! Hoo-wah!

you’re kidding right?! :?