No More Toy Guns?!?

So I went into Toys R Us today to do some Christmas shopping. My 2.5 year old son constantly runs around the house shooting his older sister and me with his finger as an imaginary gun. He’s not allowed to shoot his mother though. So he pretty much focuses on blasting me away. Anyhow, I figure he’d just love one of those space blaster type toy guns… you know, the type that lights up and makes cool pewpew noises.

After searching up and down all the likely aisles, I finally broke down and asked a sales clerk if they can help me find the toy guns. You’d think I’d just asked to be let into their secret stash of child porn from the way the pudgy pimply faced twentysomething looked at me. “I’m sorry sir, we don’t carry that sort of thing.”

Alright, so I figured I’d try Target. Same result except the clerk seemed a bit more apologetic as if he too was a closet gun nut.

I’m not looking to buy some kind of realistic-looking gun that will allow my son to go rob a bank or terrorize the neighborhood. I just want a ray gun. Am I honestly that far behind the times that I’m some kind of social deviant for wanting to buy my kid a toy gun?

Water gun. Nerf gun. Gotta have 'em.

I saw at Family dollar that they had a toy while west six shooter. Sure that handle is silver and the rest a bright neon green but hey, it is a toy gun

I was in TRU a few days ago and saw some Nerf and water guns. They also appear to have tons of fake swords. You probably just spoke to the resident hippy at the place.

I’m curious though why you have a rule in place where it’s okay to shoot the dad and the sister, but not the mom. Care to elaborate?

The Toys’r’Us near me has lots of Nerf guns and water guns. For the plastic space marine type guns, your best bet is probably a local dollar store.

Mom doesn’t take that kinda crap.

You gotta give the kid some rules, kony. Haven’t you seen Dexter?

I suspect this is Mom’s choice, not Ryan’s. Or maybe Ryan likes to play the hero and sacrifice himself for the woman he loves.

I second the Dollar Store recommendation. Or some cheap mall toy store.


Mom likes hugs and all that kindness crap. It’s fun for Sister and Dad.

Also, I don’t want to buy the Spooginator 3000 or whatever it is they’re calling the squirtguns these days. It’s gotta make noise and light up!

It’s kind of pathetic (or cute, depending on how you look at it) but he’s so into light-up stuff that he runs around with his night light and plugs it into various electrical sockets. He’ll probably electrocute himself this way, but how else is he supposed to develop the ability to flatten spoons?

I let my kids shoot me up all day long. I love doing big dying scenes, especially if I can fall over clutching my chest and hit the other kid lying on the couch. But then after a dozen or so deaths, I let the bullets bounce off me.

I say, “Puny child. You think your bullets can hurt me?!” Then I kick some adolescent ass. Just like Roger says, you gotta set some limits.

Kid’s already got a career path? Sweet! Give him a potato and a broken lightbulb as a stocking stuffer.

Care to reword that?

The BF and I were looking for toy guns around Halloween for our costumes. We too were surprised by the lack of toy guns, but we managed to find a couple at Wal-Mart in the Star Wars aisle of the toy section. They had some pretty sweet clone trooper blasters, complete with blinky lights and noises.

Cool, thanks for the tip, sara. I guess I’ll have to hold my breath and visit Wal Mart. Hey! Maybe I’ll see Cindy Sue!

I had a similar experience. I was trying to find a gun to use as a prop for a costume and couldn’t find one at Walmart, and was told that they didn’t carry them because it was dangerous and offensive.

Of course they did carry real guns. Go figure.

You need to buy him a Nerf Maverick.

Also, Quarter to Three is the #5 Google hit for Nerf Marverick. Booyah!

Try the Disney Store, too. My daughter has a great Buzz Lightyear blaster from there, spinning lights and sounds, all the things a toy ray gun should have.


(too real?)

No, he needs to buy him a Nerf Longshot, because holy shit are those awesome.

Those nerf guns are for ages 6+. The handle-trigger distance is probably too far for a 2-3 year old to manipulate. I guess I’ll suck it up and go deal with the pod people at the disney store…