No More Toy Guns?!?

Yeah, that’s understandable. There’s something to be said for beeps and boops.


eBay is your friend. Small sample of what I found by typing in “toy ray gun.”

EDIT: I think only the first link is applicable to a kid your son’s age, though… except it doesn’t say the actual size there, so I don’t know. I only clicked the links with the best-looking thumbnails that didn’t say “pop gun” or a price tag of over $50 ;-). Still, between “Space gun” “ray gun,” and “blaster”, and whatever else you can think of under the Toys and Hobbies section of eBay, I but you’ll be able to find your kid one rockin’ ray gun.

When I was a kid I somehow convinced my dad to buy me a spring pistol that shot those little yellow plastic bullets for christmas. I don’t know what they were thinking; the very first thing I did after opening the package and loading it was to shoot my sister straight in the eyelid. haha! Yeah, they took that away real quick.

I see you had yet to learn the lesson of plausible deniability.

The Nerf Longshot will make anyone feel like a badass. The Bolt-action loading alone makes it worth the price. Too bad it has worse range than my Maverick :(

There are too many dangers with guns that look anything like a realistic gun nowadays.

Kids can get expelled from school for innocently taking a toy gun to school, paranoid neighbors can call the police if you kids are running around with a fake gun, cops shoot at kids with fake guns.

Wait until they’re old enough and then evaluate whether they can be trusted with real guns.

Yeah, cops don’t shoot kids with real guns.

Again dry sarcasm doesn’t translate well on the web.

I think you just suck at dry sarcasm.

My kids have various Star Wars blasters. Definitely a great option, although I think we got the Stormtrooper ones at Disney World. The other one is a General Grievous model I think. That one’s probably a little cooler to be honest.

I was at Target and saw a cool looking target shooting game. Maybe the kids would like this–

How is laser tag these days? I remember many centons ago when it first came out it was flaky as hell and never worked right. Surely today’s kids have it better, right?

I take it that sentence is not meant as dry sarcasm?

This is what I had as a kid. I recently found this again and brought it to my apartment so I could annoy people at parties. For a good five minutes at a time it’s almost as fun now as it was then.

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