NO Police Beat the shit out of an Old dude

Man you gotta love the NO police they just cant do anything right? Shit they cant even arrest a 64year old drunk dude with out first beating the crap out of him…

Video Here

Thank God he’s white(TGHW)!

If Johnny Cockroach was still around he’d be able to get that guy a nice settlement. Of course he’s still probably going to get a nice one anyway …

Well there is a reason why movie studios won’t film in New Orleans. Well besides the new one of it being a toxic wasteland.

What’s this I heard about southern hospitality? I guess I can cross one city off my must visit list.

When did retired elementary school teachers become a danger to society?

I still have trouble understanding the ‘retired school teacher on a substance abuse program’. Did he just retire and think, ‘Fuck it, I can’t get fired anymore so I might as well do it.’ Or maybe playing Bingo just couldn’t cut it as the exciting thing to do.

Police brutality: a regional phenomenon? yurislave tackles the issue!

I blame George Bush.

Facts in the case:

Um, he’s black.

He’s been in AA or NA for over ten years; he was sober as a judge. Probably soberer. He was in the Quarter checking on his properties.

NO police is about to get a new asshole torn out of it.


Damn those videos, I didn’t catch this until I saw the morning paper.

I mean, it really shouldn’t matter, but you know, it does.

Police brutality: a regional phenomenon? yurislave tackles the issue![/quote]

In a normal environment police brutality will happen but it will be isolated events. The NOPD is known for corruption and a whole lot of focus has been on it since the hurricaines. Yes a bad department is a regional phenomenon.

Are there other bad police departments? Probably but I’m gonna take the non paranoid viewpoint that most policemen and most departments are honest and use lawful tactics in their enforcement. If you have evidence that every police department across the country is rotten to the core like the NOPD is reputed to be please share it.

I’m sorry, but I find the parameters of your argument to be unreasonable.

Charlie Gibson interviews Robert Davis. Davis sounds like a nightmare witness for the police department. He seems to be a likeable fellow and cogent. Also the video is insanely incriminating. The horse moving to block the people video taping. The white woman who is yelling at the police and does not seem to be afraid of Davis ( if he was a drunken menace you would figure that she would not be comming close ). The policeman who grabs the AP producer ( oh that’s a good one … hahaha ). The punching of him in the face when he is on the ground.

Oh they are cooked. I have no idea what the frick they were thinking. Is this some kind of SOP is New Orleans? Holy cow. At least he did not get badly damaged in the process, bloody sure, but he does not seem to be really badly injured. (edit: seems he may need some surgery on his face ).

And Davis is handling the media masterfully ( or his handlers are ). He says he holds no grudge. He also says it’s just a few bad apples. Ohh he’s good. They are sooo cooked. It’s comical.

The video was like a scene from a Paul Verhoeven movie. If you sat a committee down and brainstormed for things that might occur during a police beating, with the express intention of including everything as a ludicrious, OTT satirical lampooning of comically excessive police brutality, you could not have done better.

Except, of course, this isn’t a joke!

The “not our problem dude” NOPD being brutal and corrupt? Who would have thunk it! :lol:

NEW ORLEANS - A police union official and a lawyer for officers accused in the beating of a retired teacher on Wednesday sharply disputed the man’s contention he was brutalized during his arrest, which was captured on video.

Attorney Frank DeSalvo said the video shows a truncated version of the Saturday night arrest and he disputed details the video shot by Associated Press Television News appears to have captured, including whether the 64-year-old suspect was punched in the face.

My favorite part:

The officers involved in the incident — Lance Schilling, Robert Evangelist and S.M. Smith — did not speak during the news conference. DeSalvo said Schilling and Evangelist hit Davis’ shoulders, and he denied the arrest was as violent as has been portrayed.

But wait, there’s more:

DeSalvo also claimed that APTN producer Rich Matthews grabbed Smith and spun him around before the officer responded by pushing the producer away from the arrest.

The video shows that when Matthews held up his media credentials, the officer shoved him backward over a car, jabbed him in the stomach and unleashed a profanity-laced tirade.

Yes, even in the face of absolute proof as documented by video, never underestimate the ability of the scum of the human race to lie, lie, lie, and lie.

Maybe he’s banking on the video being inadmissable.

People need to stop treating reality as inadmissable to identity.

“My rose-colored glasses… never leave home without them!”

People who do not accept their own failures are truly doomed.

Part of living in a society is recognizing your effect on that society. This is not a WEAKNESS.

“I make up my own reality, and live in my own la-la land. Its better than the real thing!”

Brian, what the hell are you talking about?

Nah, he’s gotta know it’s coming in, he’s just pulling a fucking swiftboat.