NO Police Beat the shit out of an Old dude

Racism is still strong the world over …

I’m not saying this is a racist attack - i believe it isn’t but it is eye raising how its always bought into it…

Davis is black; the three city police officers seen on the tape are white. But Davis and police officials have said they don’t believe race was a factor.

Brian, what the hell are you talking about?[/quote]

“Its not a bug, its a feature”.

“I’m not to blame!”

The more humans feel some palpable sense of dread, feel some bad wrongness, something they have no control over and understand no clear cause of, the more defensive they get… as if they could have corrected it. So they look around for the blame, and in equal or more than equal measures deny to others the blame that they partially feel.

That’s the culture, that’s the REASON behind the unfortunate and ludicrous variations of spin-doctoring and blame-denial. Supposedly every blame, every weakness of a human is part of some LARGER blame, some larger weakness, so every mistake they admit to is some kind of mistake times 10 or times 100. Its unfair.

And because its unfair, they can’t admit to ANY blame, because no admission will be treated honestly.

Keep it simple and treat a situation as merely a situation rather than some larger overarching related force… who knows how long it will take them to achieve this easy thing.

Gotta love humans.

The arguments I’ve heard on this issue have mostly blamed human selfishness or greed, but that’s not really the case here (its a superficial reason).