NO politican freakouts

Bush seriously needs to shape the fuck up.

It got cut.

It got cut.[/quote]

I just noticed the concert’s only an hour as well. For some reason, I thought it was going to be a 3-hour job.

Here’s the part of tonight’s News Hour transcript that the post above refers to. I wish I’d been near a TV to see it for myself. The entire transcript shows how important this event is, or seems to be to these guys, in a political sense.

DAVID BROOKS: But to reiterate the point I made earlier, which is this is the anti-9/11, just in terms of public confidence, when 9/11 happened Giuliani was right there and just as a public presence, forceful – no public presence like that now. So you have had a surge of strength, people felt good about the country even though we had been hit on 9/11.

Now we’ve been hit again in a different way; people feel lousy; people feel ashamed and part of that is because of the public presentation. In part that is because of the failure of Bush to understand immediately the shame people felt.

Sitting up there on the airplane and looking out the window was terrible. And the three days of doing nothing, really, on Bush was terrible. And even today, I found myself, as you know, I support his politics quite often.


DAVID BROOKS: Look at him today earlier in the program, this is how Mark Shields must feel looking at him, I’m angry at the guy and maybe it will pass for me. But a lot of people and a lot of Republicans are furious right now.

Brooks does sound like a douche in this excerpt but he’d previously talked about the real shame and suffering of the event before getting into the “poor presentation” of the President.

12 minute interview with Ray Nagin praising that general, and basically saying unbelievable things about everything else.

aaand that Video of Shepard Smith and Geraldo freaking the fuck out on Hannity.

Edit: Good god. I think this has broken Shep.

This has broken me. Bullet point number 2.

The state Homeland Security Department had requested–and continues to request–that the American Red Cross not come back into New Orleans following the hurricane. Our presence would keep people from evacuating and encourage others to come into the city.

They have FAILED to get food, water, and medicine to the people inside the city. They have FAILED to evacuate people. They have a fucking CHECKPOINT on the only road out and they TURN BACK anyone who approaches it.

They are killing them. I want to believe it’s just ineptitude, but how the fuck can I see anything but malice in this? Because people are going to want to stay surrounded by sewage and dead bodies for a free meal? I haven’t got the words.

Maybe Kanye was right? Otherwise it doesn’t make sense.

My guess is they feel they are containing the violence. I swear I’m watching a George Romero flick live on TV some times

But it’s not about the violence. The Red Cross was never allowed in, according to their spokespeople. The fucking Homeland Security department NEVER LET THEM IN AFTER THE HURRICANE BECAUSE THE RAT FUCKING BASTARDS THOUGHT THAT PEOPLE WOULDN’T EVACUATE!! BEFORE A SINGLE FUCKING SHOT WAS FIRED THEY WERE TURNED AWAY!!!

Sorry but holy fucking shit. And now you can’t even walk out. They’re killing the remaining victims.

CNN is incredible right now. They are doing take no prisoners reporting, discussing race, class, and the colossal failures without reservation. Their passion and anger is spilling through the screen.

I haven’t watched CNN in half a decade, but there’s suddenly news on that channel.

Chet’s reaction seems to be the majority one right now. No one expected Bush to be perfect, but his attempts to spin this like everything else are revolting people in every sense of the word.

I don’t know what rerun this is from, but Joe Scarborough is talking about his republican friends coming into NO from Florida bringing supplies, and flipping out at the President for the state of things.

I’m seeing a bunch of anecdotal comments on blogs here and there about tons and tons of people just totally outraged. I wonder what’s going to happen…

I just watched that Keyes video after watching Geraldo just lose it. He’s seen things he thought he’d never seen here at home.

They really do seem to just be letting these people die in front of us on national television.

I saw Bill O’Reilly go after some oil industry representative, more or less screaming at him that they should agree to a 20% cut in their profits for the next year. The oil guy basically replied that any reduction in their profits would simply result in long gas lines. O’Reilly was having none of that. It was odd. But fun to watch.

I guess the televised drowning of a major American city can shake some of these talking heads out of their usual talking points.

I just saw the Kanye West clip from the concert. What a bizarre scene. It was like watching Ozzy, only less coherent.

“my people … the media … I was shopping … Iraq … GEORGE BUSH DOESN’T CARE ABOUT BLACK PEOPLE”

Did you see him on O’Reilly? I have taken to avoiding that show like the plague, it made me so sick during the presidential campaign, but I was casting about on news channels this evening and landed there. I was shocked to see Shepard Smith, looking ragged and angry, taking O’Reilly to task for his assertion that things were proceeding equitably (after a segment where he insisted that racism was playing no part in the debacle). It was remarkable to me to see Shep go off like that, and one of the only times I’ve seen the facade crack on Fox News.

Of course, O’Reilly got him back in line pretty quick. “You seem pretty bitter, Shep.” O’Reilly also salvaged the moment by making it clear that the fuckup Shepard Smith was so upset about was due to the fault of the mayor and the black power structure of New Orleans, making me wonder if the whole outburst wasn’t staged to shift blame away from the Bush administration.

I know I know. Kool-aid and conspiracies. I can help how my mind works.

I’ll post what he said about the mayor and the W hotel in the other NO thread.

“Ladies and gentlemen can I please have your attention. I’ve been handed an urgent and horrifying news story. I need all of you to stop what you are doing and listen. Cannonball!”


I only watched Fox this week to see some different video. As soon as one of their propagandists opened their mouth - click!

Hah. CNN just replayed the Kanye West clip.

How… bizarre.

:shock: Holy shit. Got to love the look that Mike Myers gives after he says it.