No sanctuary from the mighty demonic hand of Satanic U.S,12271,988612,00.html

America has opened a new arms race with the entire planet. Alliances between Russia, China, North Korea, the Middle East and the rest of the globe have become an absolute inevitability. Does the U.S. really think the Asians will submit like whipped dogs to this planetwide tyranny? At the hands of a bunch of married boody bandits, cocker spaniel fetishists and gender bending Jerry Springer guests? I think not.

That’s why we talk about global theromonuclear war, unbridled and unrestrained. All out, all weapons, all means, no limits of any kind.

Coming itz. Bet on it.

(Sound of two ton hydraulic door closing with iron certainty)

Is this why you took your game site down? No sense working on it anymore since it will not be done before we are all forced to play games with rocks?

I like rocks. I had a pet one when I was a kid. Never pissed on the floor or anything!