No thread about the Oregon Wildlife Refuge standoff?


I thought that they weren’t going to cut power because of the possibility of pipes freezing.


I wonder if the remaining few will decide to torch the place before the end. That’d be a shame.


Yeah, I remember reading that too, early on at least. And now I can’t seem to find the supporting article I read that said the power was being cut, so I’m probably misremembering that part.

Cellphones, internet access and landlines have all been severed though. Only one FBI issues phone is available to the remaining occupiers.


earlier today I was going to post that this is still going on. And it is.

But reports are that they are surrounded and being asked to surrender right now.



The livestream of that Michelle Fiore idiot agitating them all up is hilarious:


I hope they arrest Fiore too. Not sure there are any real charges but she has been egging these idiots along for pretty much the whole occupation.


They sound like little kids negotiating bedtime.

The one dude, Sean, sounds like a real stand-up guy: “He also has pleaded guilty to a series of misdemeanors in recent years: domestic abuse in December 2010, disorderly conduct in 2008, criminal trespass in a dwelling in 2002, and disorderly conduct in 1999.”


Yeah her coming here serves no positive purpose. She’s just there to get a few more votes back home.


Oh, that’s the idiot representative who posed in that case with the guns, right? Who was effectively endorsing treason?

Yeah, fuck her right in the face.



Cliven Bundy was arrested in Portland tonight on conspiracy charges as he landed in attempt to get to Burns.


Hahahahahahaha…oh my days, that is funny.


Looks like three of the four holdouts have given themselves up. The last guy is 27-year-old David Fry who is shouting stuff like “Liberty or Death” and “I’m actually feeling suicidal right now!”


He’s pretty much seemed like the x-factor among these last few holdouts. There’s a heavy “meth or mental illness” vibe coming off of him, maybe both…though frankly none of them sound very stable.


Yeah, now he’s claiming that he won’t come out alive. Wonderful.


Thankfully, it seems as if Fry has finally surrendered after an hour plus of the worlds worst suicide prevention talk.

Occupation officially over.


Hahahhaha, the Feds slapped charges on OL’ Cliven for his 2014 bullshit. Hahahahahhaha


I still don’t get what any of this was about. The press coverage in the uk has been slight (was a tiny bit today) and nowhere has it said WHY this all took place? I did read some of the stuff in this thread…but it just seemed like crazy gun-nuts going crazy?


That’s basically it. Ultra-right-wing fringe Mormons gone crazy over land-use issues and getting into an armed standoff with federal officers.

The Oregonian appears to be the paper of record on this whole incident…there’s plenty there:


There’s also the history of the Bundy family. They were grazing on federal land and refusing to pay the (much-lower-than-grazing-on-private-land) rate to the government. When the Feds seized his cattle while they were illegally grazing, Bundy got the heavily-armed right-wingers out and they got in a standoff with the Feds, including pointing assault rifles at them.

The Feds backed down, and OL’ Cliven declared victory and became a hero to the right wingers and began giving interviews that pretty much outed him as a racist loon.

One of his sons was the ringleader of this current affair, and he was arrested when the Feds and Oregon State Troopers intercepted their convoy a couple weeks ago.

OL Cliven showed up in Portland (from Nevada) today and was promptly arrested and charged for his actions back in 2014. It’s so awesome.


For generations cattle ranchers (and maybe others) have been able to graze their cattle on federal property at much reduced rates (compared to private lands or buying feed). This practice has been curtailed in some areas due to drought, environmental concerns, encroachment etc. Anyway these ranchers, and others who believe in that ethos, have become more vocal in their dislike of federal government property management. It sort of came to a head with Clive Bundy in Nevada last year, but the Feds chose to avoid confrontation, no doubt due to past mistakes. This time a group led by Aammon Bundy, son of Clive, took over a federal reserve, supposedly to support a rancher there who actually didn’t want them around anyway. This led to the eventual death of one of the Bundy bunch and to the final surrender today.

Clear as mud…