No thread about the Oregon Wildlife Refuge standoff?


Well he wasn’t shot in his side, so the claim he was trying to cover his wound has no merit. It says they also ordered him to the ground, and at no point was he trying to do that. It’s sad… very sad the man couldn’t just step out and drop to the ground.

As for the FBI, wth are they lying for? Did they really think people wouldn’t notice a lie. This is being looked at very closely.


That’s great. Along with the video, it makes everyone involved look like idiots, even if they aren’t.


So this is still going on in the courts, and it if it wasn’t for the current US Presidential Election, it would probably be seen as the most mind-numbingly dumb story of 2016.

A few weeks ago authorities announced that Ryan Bundy was caught braiding parts of his bed sheets together in an apparent escape attempt. He denied it saying he was just practicing his ranching skills.

Today he went full sovereign citizen with a new motion declaring… well… I’ll let him speak for himself.


I cannot wait till these assholes get felony convictions so they can’t wave their penis avatars (aka their guns) around all the time (like they did when Old Man Bundy threatened Federal workers just trying to do their jobs).


Sovereign citizens are the dumbest fucks to have ever existed.


Thank god these guys are idiots though. Imagine the trouble they would have gotten into if they were smart.



I don’t think I’ve ever been ashamed to call myself an Oregonian - until today.

I always thought the conspiracy charge was a stretch but how can they possibly be found not guilty of the weapons charges when there’s hours of video of them with guns on federal property?


I am stunned.


I was thinking the same thing.


Wow, so they get off scot free? Talk about some jury nullification.


Free for this one it seems. I believe all of them still face charges in Nevada for the Bunkerville standoff.

Which lead to this:

After the verdict was read, Ammon Bundy’s attorney was tackled to the ground by five U.S. Marshals after he kept arguing that Bundy was free to go. During the incident, Judge Brown ordered everyone out of the courthouse.


I think the defense contention was that FBI informants (of whom there were many at the siege) were the ones who actually brought the guns to the facility.


I thought this Reddit comment put it into perspective. Seems like sloppy FBI work ultimately led to the acquittal. It created reasonable doubt.

Edit: Better non-mobile link.


This will just embolden the militia movements. I’d call that a little more severe than just sloppy.


All-white jury in Oregon. What do you expect?


A jury of peers?


I like how they used “we needed guns to defend ourselves, otherwise we would have been arrested.”

That is apparently an actual defense now. I’ll be sure to use that when committing my next crime. Bring lots of guns, call it a protest. Oh and be white. What a fucking shit-show.

Is the population too stupid to have trial by jury? Have we fallen this far?


I wonder how folks would react if an all-black jury acquitted a cop killer because shooting a cop was reasonable self-defense.


Do you?