No thread about the Oregon Wildlife Refuge standoff?


Wow, get a load of all of those Soros agents. I think I saw some of them at the World Series dressed up as Cleveland fans. Quick, someone tell Coulter.


It can be both. :)


I think during the campaign some ex-Hillary guy in one of those video’s by the guy who did the Planned Parenthood “expose” claimed the campaign was paying people to protest, and him or someone else said the money came from Soros.

I think that was the genesis of the theory.


Soros conspiracies are nearly as old as George himself.



It is a strange world when Teen Vogue is a source of hard hitting journalism.





I’m glad that he’s going to prison for violating the law, but 68 years seems a bit much (I realize that he’ll be out on parole much sooner).


Why is that too much? They blocked federal law officials from carrying out their orders with guns. Had a black gang done that in the middle of the city, they would probably would have had a shootout, several people dead, and murder charges.


I dunno. Assault on federal officers, while having a loaded weapon, gets a pretty big chunk of that 68 years. Not to mention the guy called upon others to come and help “fight the fight” which is part of the reason the standoff went in the direction it did. If you’re going to thumb your nose at the government and decide to bring a call to arms against them, be prepared for some really long federal prison time.

His list of charges:


I am all for them throwing the book at people who do stuff like this. Make people think twice the next time some yokel wants to brandish weapons while taking over public lands.


Me as well. Otherwise this will continue to happen.


Ah, this was for the earlier thing in Utah. I thought it was for the Oregon thing, and just on the weapons charge of illegal possession of a full-auto weapon (I heard something about that on the radio–maybe I’m conflating two different cases).


This wasn’t the minor thing of taking of a federal building and holding the area hostage for days, this was the gathering a huge armed crowd to stand up to the fed and threatening to use women and children as shields and basically daring the federal government to respond violently. Since they keep doing this kind of crap, I can see how it is easy to confuse these events.


I didn’t mean to imply that the Oregon thing was a minor thing. I thought the conviction (based on what I heard on my local NPR station this morning–again, I obviously got the cases confused) was solely for the illegal possession of a full-auto firearm charge.
68 years is fine by me for all the stuff this guy was convicted on, now that I know what it was. Holding guns on federal officers is in no way cool.


Nevada :) Ted was Utah’s Bad Boy Bundy.


This thread sort of partially became about DAPL so I’m posting this here:


As I understand it (and I have no link to support this) but this is part of the pipeline that would have been replaced and not part of any new pipeline put in place by Trump.


No, you see it was sabotage. By Trump or liberals. Because the internet.