No thread about the Oregon Wildlife Refuge standoff?


Wow, sometimes people do something cool.



They’re really messing this up.


Gives Trump more time to appoint a new judge (assuming she retires soon) if it drags on. Or something similar.



Remember when you all were hyperventilating over this?

Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, his two sons and a militia member will not face a retrial on charges that they led an armed rebellion against federal agents in 2014.

A federal judge on Monday said the federal prosecutors’ conduct was “outrageous” and “violated due process rights” of the defendants.

The judge criticized both the prosecution and the FBI for not providing evidence to the defense as required under court rules. “The court finds that the universal sense of justice has been violated,” Navarro said.
Navarro said it was clear the FBI was involved in the prosecution of the case, and that it was not a coincidence that most of the withheld evidence came from the FBI.
She said the prosecution’s reliance on the FBI and failure to look beyond the documents the FBI provided represented an “intentional abdication of its responsibility.” Essentially, she said the prosecution decided not to follow up because the evidence would have worked in the Bundys’ favor.


I guess Brietbart or Fox News had an article about it? Because we talked about it already.


He was released due to unfortunate prosecutorial misconduct. Pretty sure he still violated federal laws, hence the imprisonment up until now. But keep grasping.


Yeah it’s not like an armed group took over a building and someone died, total non-issue.


Yeah, they are walking not because they have been proven innocent but because the prosecutors screwed up. I’m not sure how you screw up a case of a bunch of guys taking over a public building and brandishing weapons, but I guess they did.

You can just imagine what would have happened if it was a group of blacks or muslims taking over a building.


There would be no trial, because nobody would be left alive.


It’s awesome that “law and order” now means that it’s ok to pull guns on federal employees and threaten an honest to god shooting war with them.

Cause that happened. He’s just getting off because the prosecution fucked up.

But hey, this is totally consistent with the defenders of black folks getting shot when they don’t even have guns. Because you should do what the cops tell you… unless you have are a white guy in the midwest, in which case you can just threaten the cops with shooting them. Because reasons.

It’s totally fine to criticize the government for fucking up the prosecution… But only an imbecile would cheer the outcome here. Unless, of course, you don’t have any respect for law and order at all.

The moral of the story here, is that you should arm yourself, and you should pull your gun on cops… FIRST. Because that’s the only time they aren’t gonna shoot you.


Seems to be what’s happened here!


You’re all replying to Malathor, who has simply given up the pretense of being an asshole because he’s just a Libertarian. We all know now he’s an asshole because he’s a dyed-in-the-wool Trumpian troll. He exists only to “trigger” cuck lefties.


I don’t mind seeing responses to trigger posts. It makes it easier to respond to members of my family who are similarly clueless.


I think we’re all very well aware Malathor is a giant tool at this point. It’s mostly comical when he pops up in topics like a Trump doll whack-a-mole machine.


When you see his type going full Robert Mugabe and supporting squatters illegally taking over land, you know they’re not even pretending to believe in any ideology anymore.


He still owes over a million dollars in unpaid grazing fees, doesn’t he?


I remember reading an interview with a local sheriff discussing all the crazies who showed up in defense of the Bundy clan and how they were openly threatening his deputies. What really sticks out is his comment that if one car backfired a lot of people would’ve died within a minute or two. And the fact that these nuts are supposed to be supportive of local law enforcement, at least based on their espoused ideology. But like so much on the Right these days, it’s all bullshit rhetoric.


Laws and rules are only for other people.


So sayeth the Trump. So sayeth we all.