No topic for the new Family Guy DVD?

Well, there is now!

I’m surprised no one here has seen it (or if they have, they haven’t mentioned it), because it seems to be selling like crazy. I had a hell of a time finding it… Best Buy had an enormous display of the things, but they were all gone when I went in to pick one up. Ditto for Target, and Borders. I finally found one at Circuit City–their second-to-last copy. It was also cheaper than any place else was selling it for, so… score!

It’s very funny. Sort of like a run-on episode, but it’s filled with some very good material. And a giant scrotum who fights crime.

I bought it. I think it’s great.

Anyone who is a Family Guy friend should probably pick it up. Interesting plot twist and end and as always Stewie gives a good performance.

I think alot of my appeal for Family Guy is from the fact they do parodys of older TV shows and more nerdish type stuff (like Quark Griffen). Sidetopic: The little I’ve seen of American Dad they stole it and used it for that show as well and were one of the only things I thought was funny about American Dad. Not close to Family Guy standards of comedy.

God that was hilarious. Runner up is Space Peter. “heh heh heh heh heh…*”

Saw it last night and was disappointed to be honest. Not that it wasn’t funny, but it seemed like they had the opportunity to go balls out here and instead gave us a series of somethings that might have barely failed network clearance on the script.

awdougherty- Well put.

It wasn’t unfunny, but it was like one episode worth of good jokes and then lots of filler. Seems like maybe 2 episode scripts jammed together and then they filled it out with a handful of jokes that got rejected by network or got cut from other episodes. Note the way the credits split the movie up.

I laughed more at the 22 minute episode last Sunday.

It is. Well, actually, three episodes with extra material at the beginning and end. That’s how they described it at the Family Guy panel at Comicon. You’ll be seeing the majority of the DVD as three separate episodes next season, I think.

I for one thought the DVD was great. Anything with Stewie in the A story is almost guaranteed to be funny, and the extra stuff at the beginning and end that they went overboard with wasn’t totally crazy, but it definitely seemed to me like something you wouldn’t see on TV. (“I wasn’t really comfortable with the incest scene, but…”)

The opening credits actually say “part 1 written by” followed by credits for parts 2 and 3. There’s also lengthy dicussion in the commentary track about how it’s three episodes that will eventually air, bracketed by about 10 minutes front and back with material that won’t appear on TV.

I thought it was OK. Not OMG-this-is-a-classic kind of stuff, but about up to the level of the current Family Guy episodes. I ended up getting the DVD on sale for $16, so I’m not complaining.

See, in my opinion that just blows ass. I just paid 20$ to get a sneak preview of 3 future episodes? That’s weak.

As I watched, I was even pissed that they were bleeping out curse words and it made the whole thing extremely suspect.

See, in my opinion that just blows ass. I just paid 20$ to get a sneak preview of 3 future episodes? That’s weak.[/quote]
Not a sneak preview, but the whole thing, plus extra material that won’t appear on TV. It’s kind of like buying the TV seasons on DVD, except you get it months ahead of time and with extra material.

Did they really bleep out the swear words?

They did bleep out the curse words.

And while I get three whole episodes for my $20 (or course let’s figure out how much that is per episode as compared to the DVD season box sets), I would rather get those episodes in the box set. I can’t wait to pay for those episodes again.

Also, I bought it thinking that it was going to be stuff I wouldn’t get to see any other way, not stuff I will be tivo-ing over the next 2 months. The whole thing just kind of sucks in my opinion.

Only if you didn’t select “uncensored” in the menu.

I also thought it was on par with recent episodes (as I said, it’s like a run-on episode), but I consider that a good thing. This was like three funny episodes back to back, with a single somewhat consistent story arc. I thought it was $15 well spent.

I’d have to doublecheck the commentary, but I thought they said something about airing the three episodes at the end of the season (i.e. next May, 8 months from now). Assuming these episodes won’t be included in the regular DVD sets, I’m just as happy buying it now.

I don’t fully disagree with you – there’s no doubt in my mind that the franchise is being milked. But for the moment, I’m happy to support the show.

Just saw it on Netflix. I could watch Brian and Stewie drunk for ever. lol that had me dying.

Seems like a big-time ripoff to me, since the DVD is being billed as a movie and not a sneak preview of future episodes. Also, the price is crazy. I don’t know where you got it for $15, Ben, but it’s going for $23 at Wal-Mart in upstate NY, and $25 CDN at Wal-Mart in Canada (citing WM prices because I’m assuming they’re cheapest).

I got it for 16.99. This is in Vegas.

Those prices are crazy. It was $14.99 at Circuit City in Henrietta; Target was selling it for $16.99, but they were sold out when I went there.

The version I saw didn’t have bleeped curse words. “You know what really frinds my gears? You, America. Faaack you!”

aww my version had bleeps. Ah well I got the gist of it.

The version that plays by default is bleeped. If you want the uncensored version, you have to go into the options menu and select “uncensored.”