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This game is a more involving variant of Mafia/Vampire, concocted for Qt3’s amusement by myself. It is unlikely to have a second run: it took me a long time to produce the necessary materials, which will be probably be exhausted at the game’s close. And I’ve got lots left to do before we start. It’s not intended to begin for a while, and certainly not before game 8 is done with.

There are 10 rules.

  1. There are at least 15 human colonists. The more the merrier. For every 5 of you, one has been possessed by a stone artefact. The first “alien” will be selected at random by the moderator, and will tell the moderator who the other aliens are.

  2. The colony has a geography. It is surrounded by a number of strange locations, equal in number to the total number of villagers. Each player also has a home. The location list will be revealed when the roster is full.

  3. Each Alien player must inform the moderator, before commencement of play, where they’ve hidden their stone. They must, at all costs, prevent the humans from locating these.

  4. Before DUSK, each colonist must tell the moderator which location he or she searches. Colonists would be wise to coordinate their explorations.

  5. At dusk, each player is told, via PM, what they found, if anything. Stones are powerful but imperfect artefacts – simply being near one reveals to you the name of the human it has reconfigured. That is not all the colonist might discover.

  6. Stones cannot be moved by humans, as they cannot touch them. But you may tell others what you have found, and where.

  7. Before MIDNIGHT, the players may also vote on a course of collective action. They can either go to one location to SMASH a soul stone, or simply put to the STAKE one of their midst. Neither course of action is compulsory. When a soul stone is destroyed, its “host” also dies.

  8. Before the following DAWN, the alien-possessed must declare who they collectively decide to KILL. In addition, they individually may move their soul stones to any location.

  9. Before the following DAWN, colonists may SPY on any other villager. They will be told what that villager did that night, assuming the spy lives though it. If they spy on someone possessed, they will see them communing with or moving their soul stone, but not the other “aliens” or their victim.

  10. All the aliens will know if any of them is observed at night, and by whom.

To recap:

At DUSK , players are told what they have found during that day’s hunting. Get your PM’s in by that time.
At MIDNIGHT, players must have voted on a place, or a player, to bring the hammer to. Get your votes in by then.
At DAWN, a colonist’s body is discovered. The stones are moved. The aliens must get their PMs in by then.
At DAWN, the remaining colonists are told what they saw the night before, and the aliens are told who saw them. The colonists must get their PMs in by then.

The real-world time cycle will be based on player consensus before the game begins.

The game will start as soon as at least 15 players have signed up and have completed any concurrent games. Veterans are encouraged to play, as this game will be a little more involving.

[b]There is more to this game than meets the eye. It will be a PM intensive game. There are several possible outcomes to the game.

Please do not offer to play if you do not have time to post at least two PMs a day to the moderator.

Please do not play if you have not read the introductory story.

Please do not play if you cannot keep secrets.[/b]



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