Noah Hawley brings Marvel's LEGION to FX


I thought we had a thread for this but I couldn’t find it, so if I goofed, blame Wumpus!

Anyway, this went from sounding like a dumb idea when it was first announced to cautious optimism when I found out Noah Hawley was involved. Now we’ve got a trailer and I think I’m actually excited!


Great trailer. FX has produced some of my favorite television over the last…dunno, decade? I can dig it!


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Sorry, I was just teasing about it being your fault, I did search within the category. I think the show was just mentioned briefly in some other thread, but I’m always still a little paranoid that maybe I spelled something wrong, or maybe an existing thread did so I could’ve still missed it.


“The user that has uploaded this video has blocked it on your country”.

Okay, fuck you too, maybe.


Wow, that’s a really good trailer.


This one (from Marvel instead of FX) worked for me:


It has Aubrey Plaza. That is never a bad sign.


This is not part of the MCU/ABC TV stuff, right? I’m assuming it falls under the Fox mutant licenses. Is that correct?


Well they said mutant, so presumably so.


I don’t know officially what it is part of; I think I read that it’s under the Fox mutant licenses, but that it’s also out of continuity with the actual X-Men movies. Basically its own thing entirely. But as far as I could tell that explanation wasn’t official, so that might be wrong too.

But I’m certain it’s not part of the MCU/ABC stuff.


Wait, is this Legion, son of Professor X?


That’s the one.


You would be correct. I read an article a few days ago that stated that Legion is not part of the MCU. It has its own separate reality.


First episode airs in 2 days. AV Club preliminary review is glowing and gave it an A:


Yeah, Ive heard some really good buzz on this series and the trailers have been intriguing. Im looking forward to this one, especially as I have very little knowledge of the source material, so whatever plotline the show goes with, it will be new to me.


So far so good!


Hah it’s Cousin Matthew! Between this and The Guest, he’s really looking to break stereotype. (Beauty and the Beast won’t help, though).


My son and I watched this and we agreed it was really excellent. We can’t wait to see where it goes from here.

The only question we had by the end was how did he manage to re-swap bodies back with the girl? It sounded like they swapped bodies (obviously temporarily) and then she, in his body and in a panic, cause the havoc at the hospital. Or was that a double blind?

Maybe we aren’t supposed to know for sure yet, is what we came up with.


It looked like the swap started with the bodies staying where they were, and the consciousnesses jumping from one to the other.

So yeah, then she, in his body, with his powers, caused the craziness at the hospital.

Then when it “wore off”, the reverse happened, the consciousnesses stayed where they were geographically in the world, and the bodies just magically warped and swapped back around them.

That sounds like a pretty goofy way for the power to work, but that’s what it looked like was happening on screen. Obviously all bets are off if the narration is unreliable.