Noah Hawley brings Marvel's LEGION to FX


I tell you what, don’t bother with /r/LegionFX right now. It’s a bunch of people convinced a guy eating waffles for breakfast in a pilot shot before Stranger Things was even released is somehow a direct reference to Eleven’s love of Eggos.


I mean, waffles are amazing. That would be like assuming because he enjoys lasagna he’s referencing Garfield.



Anyway, I didn’t pay very close attention to the marketing for Legion after seeing the first (crazy awesome) trailer, and it occurs to me that I don’t remember much in the trailer that wasn’t in the premiere. So I’m excited that I don’t know much of anything at all about where it goes from here.

[spoiler]I was already a little surprised by the action sequence at the end, I didn’t know how much the show was going to deal with mutants outside of David and here we go with a powerful telekinetic guy fighting off armed henchmen in a daring escape.

I mean, obvious caveat, everything in this show could eventually turn out to be in David’s head, but even if that’s just in his mind, David’s head is already turning out to be more comfortable with his comic book origins than I expected.[/spoiler]


Yeah, that’s what’s shown. I have a really hard time believing that’s what actually happened, but we’ll see…or we won’t. I kind of expect that we will never be given a firm handle on what is or isn’t real because after all, David doesn’t have one.


I have a feeling that the entire end sequence was all just David.

That being said, my fiance bounced off this hard. And, it was an interesting choice for a pilot/premiere to be as confusing as that was. It was really hard to follow. I really enjoyed the casting and the direction. I love Dan Stevens as an actor, and I am all in. But, the flashback stuff and fluid timeline stuff, the period setting (or not?) was all very confusing for someone not already invested enough to want to watch more.

And… a nearly 90 minute intro episode was a lot to sit down for, for a new show. I feel like this could have easily been cut to 45 minutes or so. Probably a tad too indulgent in the flashback/childhood memories stuff.

So, TLDR, I guess I am watching this one on my own.


I find that hard to believe. No one wants to do “this was all just a dream” any more. There was even dialog that seemed directly right at the audience asking if this was all real, and she explicitly said it was so. I’m going to assume this really is taking place in a world with mutants and that there are mutants out there that want him to help out their cause. That seems more plausible, actually, than he’s still in a room somewhere dreaming this all up.


I don’t think that is happening. I am saying he ran out there, on his own, and made up all of the people he is talking to. He was doing all of the stuff.


Ah, okay sure, I’ll buy that. Given what I know about the character especially. However, I still don’t believe that’s the case myself, but it’s a cool theory.


Hawley has said that David is definitely in love with Syd, and that Syd is real

However with Legion, I guess the definition of real could be pretty mutable. Maybe she did exist but was absorbed by Legion and is otherwise ‘alive’ inside of him, and so on.

I really liked the first episode and can’t wait for more, but I will go on a murder spree if they end it with a snow globe.


Man, if nothing else I loved the cinematography and direction in this show. Completely blew me away. Light years ahead of what 90% of anything made for TV is doing. Well, that might be a little hyperbolic, but I guess was pretty impressed. Hopefully they can keep producing that kind of quality.

If Stanley Kubrick and Terrence Malick had a baby, it’d be Noah Hawley.


Agreed. Whether the show can maintain this level remains to be seen, but I was fully engaged every minute of that pilot, which is more than I can say for almost anything on television right now. The acting/cinematography/styling/etc. were all top shelf. I guess I shouldn’t expect anything less from the guy behind the TV version of Fargo but still, that was a terrific open.

Nice to see some Rachel Keller get some work, too. She was good in Fargo, even if her character was annoying.


Oh, wow, I didn’t realize Keller was Simone in Fargo. I think I was too busy chuckling at her name here: Syd Barrett.

I really enjoyed this first episode. I was never a fan of Legion as a character, but I love Noah’s take on him.


I just saw it. Wow, what a mind trip. It was like watching a David Lynch movie, except that I enjoyed it. I almost wish I’d just seen a one-off movie, not a pilot to a TV series. Surely they can’t maintain this quality can they? I loved it.

The thing that kept me grounded was the presence of Aubrey Plaza. Just her being there kept me sure of one thing: these were actors and this was a TV show, not just something in my head.


Saw this today, and though I’m not sure what’s real and what’s in his head, I thought it was great. It really pulled me in.


I had high expectations coming in, and enjoyed the hell out of this despite them. That being said, I hope they tone down the real/fake stuff a bit now that we’re out of the hospital.


Yeah the show was Wes Anderson does Mr Robot in a world of mutant revolutionists. It was great for the first episode but as Bagger said they need to get a grip on the time slipping/reality sliding thing or it will get old quick.


My partner and I watched the first episode now that it is on Hulu.

At one point he started screaming and pointing at the screen. I completely missed it despite a surprising amount of screen time. Also, the man with the yellow eyes freaks me the f*ck out.

(clicking on spoiler links directly to imgur)


Saw the second episode. It’s not exactly “is this real or fake?” anymore, mostly, but there’s really no demarcation of most scene transitions or what’s when. And I don’t think they’re likely to start soon since David himself isn’t sure about these things. So if that bothers you, this may not be a show for you.

Also it was amazing.


The third episode, while still rather wild, is starting to un blur the lines a bit. It was a rather tense episode with a particularly funny bit of comic relief when David and Syd are discussing the personal quirks of body swapping. David also asks a chilling and important question… Everyone keeps telling me I am sane and my powers are the issue. What if they are wrong?"
Anyway this episode was much more coherent and fixed in continuity than the previous episodes and it also helps bring the earlier episodes into better focus. So far, so good.


I really liked this episode because they rained in the crazy a bit and tried to impose order, or at least the characters threw out possible solutions. Which of course may all be red herrings, but it gives the appearance of reasoned, intelligent beings making educated guesses. This puts it in contrast to every other show I watch, which is depressing.

I also enjoyed the never ending push and pull of ‘Is Syd real?’. At this point it is obvious she is, or at least the other characters react to and talk with her so if she isn’t then David is interjecting their responses as well as Syds. But still, I think the director is intentionally placing her in the scenes in a way to continually interject doubt. I could also be reading too much into that after so many episodes of Mr. Robot.