Noah Hawley brings Marvel's LEGION to FX


Maybe it’s just not your cup of tea as it were. But I can tell you that it is not wild and wacky for the sake of being wild and wacky. They do an amazing job of pulling it all together into an incredibly cohesive storyline. And considering what’s really going on, that’s quite a feat. I would recommend sticking with it as it is only like 10 episodes but entertainment is subjective so it may not work for you. If so, you are in a very small minority.


I was very confused and somewhat bored (probably because of the confusion) for the first few episodes and would have given up if I hadn’t read an article about Aubrey Plaza’s amazing performance in later episodes. I say stick with it and you will be rewarded!


8, actually.


Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

I loved that bit.


So the week before I left for vacation I watched the first episode of this off my DVR. The experience was a unique combination of “WTF is happening here?” and “I need to know more!”. I can easily see how someone could give up on this show one or two episodes in, it’s just that strange and difficult to digest in those first couple of hours. But then…oh man.

I basically binge watched the whole thing over about four nights. By episode three I was completely hooked. The weird mix of 1960’s and modern day that serves as the setting, the incredibly riveting performances by Dan Stevens and Aubrey Plaza, the subtle (and not so subtle) callouts to comics and pop culture, the fantastic dialog in so many scenes, the mystery of what exactly David was/is, and does he really have powers or is he mentally ill or his he possessed by something or all of the above…it all adds up to some pretty amazing television!

I will add that I think the series is best viewed all at once. You don’t necessarily need to binge watch all 8 episodes in a weekend, but you should watch an episode a night over 8 nights or a similar timeframe, as I think the general weirdness of the story at first, then the layers of complexity that are woven in during later episodes, make this a show that would be difficult to come back to after a few days hiatus.


Legion was my clear vote for most interesting and most interesting looking show of the year, until American Gods surpassed it.


And its back, well soon anyway.

On April 3rd, the trip resumes! I cant wait, Legion was probably my favorite new show last year.


Thanks for the heads up on that @rshetts.


So that first episode of the new season was…something.

I feel like I just watched 90 minutes of nonsense. I would be more encouraged if I thought it would all amount to something, but it seems like it was just stream of consciousness weirdness.


Really? Last season, most of the stuff that seemed weird was eventually all explained. So why wouldn’t that be the case this year? (I haven’t seen the episode in question yet).


It definitely felt weirder than anything last season.


The weirdness was definitely high on this one but I’m not sure how it could be considered weirder that last season because that shit was weird. Seems to me to be very similar to the first season’s premeire which was batshut crazy. I guess I’ll chalk up our differences to subjective viewing. I agree with Rock8man, they did such a great job of tying things together last season that I won’t hold a season 2 premiere full of strange against them.


I was definitely confused a lot during the first episode but I trust Hawley enough at this point to go along for the ride.

And I love that it’s as weird as ever. One of the things that kept striking me during the first season were these moments that would make me say, “I can’t believe that this is a real thing that exists and is happening on TV!” That’s not a feeling you get very often when watching TV and it made me insanely happy every time. It’s like slipping through to an alternate reality where incredible, unique vision somehow survives and makes it to the screen. It’s the reverse of the feeling I get reading the news every morning.

Anyway, the confrontation towards the end of this premier was one of those moments. Mentally it’s like when you’re reading something by Michael Chabon and have to put the book down for a second and just sit there freaking out about the sentence you just read.

Overall I’m willing to forgive the occasional misstep (and there were some, both in the first season and in this episode) because they’re far out weighed by all the things that do work and those incredible moments when Legion shows me something I’ve never seen before, something I never could have imagined seeing.


The light message scene was ace.


I disagree with @Menzo - the tone felt exactly like the previous season, and I didn’t have any problems following what was happening, given I knew what to expect. If anything it was less jarring than the pilot episode. I absolutely loved the reveals, especially there at the end, and anything that didn’t make sense to us didn’t make sense to Legion either, though I suspect he’s keeping more secrets than he lets on.

Just a powerhouse start to an already fantastic show.


I have to say I applaud the sheer creativity of this show, from the intricate visual set designs to the such leaps as showing us psychic battles as combat through interpretive dance (and this coming from someone who has absolutely no desire to watch dance shows). I thought the first episode of this second season was excellent, even if I suspect I don’t have the context to fully understand even half of it.


Well, they certainly are not toning down the wild and weird! David and Farouk finally have a face to face and it was interesting. They drop a lot of information in this one but there are still many dots to connect. Its clear though that whatever they have coming at them makes Farouk seem mild.


I can’t help but wonder whether Farouk knows that. I don’t get the sense that he does or else he’d be using it as leverage.


Damn. The social commentary in episode 8 was positively scathing.


This show. Damn. It’s. How is this even on television? I mean it’s got me hooked like a rabbit, but holy crap it’s so weird.