Noah Hawley brings Marvel's LEGION to FX


I gave up on it when I started to feel like it was being weird just to be weird.


It’s gotten, like, 3x more weird since that point.


As nearly as I can tell (and remember) this entire season has all been pretty much the same timeline, over and over, from different character perspectives. And all of them crazy.

Oh, including the episode that is David’s own timeline in a variety of universes.


My wife who is not in the least bit interested in super heroes or comics thinks this is probably the best thing on tv not called the Americans.

Bonkers weirdness is good! Aubrey Plaza’s continued performances are amazing.


Come on, it’s not that weird. It’s almost a cliche at this point to have a swarm of bolo-wielding ninjas wearing scrubs crawl out of a hole in the ground formerly plugged up by a giant pink bathtub stopper only to get mauled by a young Native American woman who normally lives inside a 50 year old man.

Granted that’s not even close to the weirdest shit from the last episode, but once you’ve seen one scene like that, you’ve seen them all.


Good lord. When you put it like that… it never occurred to me how strange that all was until reading your post!


Yknow, i never once thought of her as native-american. I think that’s a good thing…


This was probably the biggest drop off in quality for a television show I’ve ever experienced. Not hyperbole.


I watched an episode, could not understand what was going on at all. That’s going to be a tough sell commercially.


If you are talking about the first season, yeah its starts off confusing but that’s in order to put you in the shoes of the protagonist who is as clueless as the audience. They pay this off extremely well and draw everything together nicely but the end of the season. I feel season one is one of the best debut seasons for a series Ive ever watched. Season two has been different and far weirder and I feel that it has become more of a niche series at this point. I do recommend you give season one a chance though, its fantastic.


I think I caught a season 2 episode. Wow, it felt like whomever wrote that episode was on some pretty strong drugs. I usually can catch some sort of thread in a series, but the entire experience of watching that one random episode was one of complete confusion, and not in a good Dirk Gently way. It’s probably the most extreme example of “you must have been following this from the beginning” that I know.


I just don’t love extended unreliable narrator sequences. A little bit can be fun, but in Legion it just means anything can mean anything.

See those two goldfish in fishbowls? They represents David’s feeling of abandonment.

Uh, yeah, OK, I guess.


Yeah this is absolutely not a series you can jump into the middle on and have even a hint of a clue. Its very much all or nothing and start from the beginning. I will give one small spoiler regarding season 2, if you understand that a lot of what you are watching is a visual representation of various psychic battles, then things make more sense.


I can’t really think of many serialized shows where you can just watch a random season 2 episode and follow along, though, so that doesn’t mean much.


I’ve done this before in many shows, and while I am clearly missing information, those gaps are readily identifiable and everything follows a fairly logical progression.

Legion is another kettle of magic mushroom tea altogether!


My feeling is that if a show is readily comprehensible jumping in midway through a sophomore season, they’re not being nearly ambitious enough with their writing.



And a strange practice in any case, to me at least. To each his own.


To be fair Legion isn’t super comprehensible even if you’ve been following along. I think it’s a really daring show that hits more often than it misses (though it does miss; the giant mutant chicken episode wasn’t great), but it’s surreal and deliberately obscure.


Well the season finale did pull the strings together and made a lot of what happened earlier make sense, kind of.


The finale was pretty good, but in general I feel like this was a pretty big step down from Season 1. Not so much that I’ll stop watching, but there were a bunch of ‘random’ things that were clearly there to move the plot along.

“I’m re-constructing what happened on the hill.” Because why not?

Also, why in perfect blue hell did they decide to release the Shadow King?

That said, I’m pretty happy that Legion in the show matches more with Legion of the comics at this point.

I’ll still watch season 3, but yeah, I wasn’t very into this season.