Noah Hawley brings Marvel's LEGION to FX


I loved the opening to the finale - the dual with the animations and the choice of music was inspired. Made the entire season worth it.

I agree season 1 was stronger, but overall this was a great entry and it furthered the tale that begins in season 1 along in some interesting ways. I’m super excited to see where season 3 ends up taking us.


Wow, what a great show, it’s like a Grant Morrison comic brought to life by David Lynch on acid.

I think the way it’s filmed, with meticulous arthouse cinematography, bold colours and contrasts and visual set pieces, is actually a very good translation of the comics medium to the live action/big screen, maybe even the best that’s ever been done. It’s a much better “realistic” way to go than either DC’s grimdark or the MCU’s often overly-fussy CGI efforts.

In particular, the portrayal of superpowers (something I’m always focused on in superhero shows) really brings home just how terrifying and awesome real superheroes would be - although to be fair, most of what they’re portraying in this is mental powers, not the more difficult/expensive kinds of things to realize in CGI, like kinetic action, lifting and throwing, etc. A lot of it is done in hints and suggestions - but again, that’s actually the best way to do it, i.e. if superheroes were real, that would be most peoples’ experience of them in the wild - disorienting glimpses, etc.

The thing that surprised me, given the heavy emphasis on visuals, was how well the story was told in simple mechanical terms. It all flowed very well and everything made sense (after the very cool initial puzzlement and disorientation). The generally top-notch acting really helps too (again, the great revelation Marvel have drummed into us re. superhero shows: get arty directors - preferably arty directors who actually like comics - and good actors).



I never made it through season 1, should I try again?

Its just so weird.


Yes. It’s completely brilliant.


It’s weird, but it’s worth it. And the first season is pretty self contained as a story. I haven’t watched the second season yet, because I felt the first season mostly ended the story that it was telling. I do wonder what season 2 could be about sometimes though, so I’ll probably check it out at some point.


I got through season 1, and then about 4-5 episodes into season 2, but the weirdness just crossed the line for me and I gave up.


I loved the show up until the last episode of season 2, though I’m curious to see how the show handles David’s actions wrt Sid in that episode.

It is utterly and completely bananas though.


I liked Season 1 a lot, but I started and didn’t finish Season 2, it seemed to be doing a hero to villain transition with him, and I like him so much as a reluctant hero that I lost interest at that point.


Both seasons have been bonkers but they have pulled it off and made everything work IMHO. It’s nice to see someone actually try something different with the superhero genre. I can see how it wouldn’t be for everyone but it works for me.


That’s basically how I feel about it. Something different and I can see why it doesn’t work for everyone. I love season 1 and like season 2.


This thread being bumped caused me to go back and start watching Season Two again this weekend. I had bounced off of it a few episodes in over the summer because it just took the Season One weirdness to a whole new level I was having trouble following.

I decided to just jump right back in and it just happened to be the Chapter 15 episode where they clear up the issue with the “insanity bug”, save the base, Vermillions (go check out the actresses who play the Vermillions on IMDB…wow!) and Fukyama from evil (so gross!), and Ptonomy ends up inside the mainframe (poor guy). Once that storyline advanced and they got back on the hunt for Farouk’s body the show picked up again and I binged 3 episodes in quick succession.

Only 2 episodes left now and I’m right back to enjoying it as much as I enjoyed the last few episodes of Season One. I wonder if this show wouldn’t benefit from only being 8 episodes per season, as it seems like it kind of bogged down in the middle both seasons so far.


Finished the final 2 episodes of Season Two last night. They were awesome in the usual “WTF am I watching?!” kind of way, but ultimately unsatisfying as the “twist” ending was kind of bullshit and I’m mad that they left it hanging that way. Obviously Season 3 will clean things up, but still.