Noble Armada?

Looks good. Loved Fading Suns.

I liked the ship design in Fading Suns better. The big battlewagon-looking tubes with gun turrets on the top, nice. These don’t seem to have the same appeal. The game might be good, I don’t know, but the aesthetics don’t seem as appealing.

Did Emperor of the Fading Suns ever reach a semi-stable state? If I were to reinstall the game today, what patches or mods should I round up and apply to it?

You have two alternatives:

I don’t know which is better, since I have not yet gotten around to trying them out.

I think Tom Chick is a pretty big EOFS player. He might know the best one.

I liked the Nova version pretty well. We used that version to play multiplayer games, they take about as long as AH’s Caesar Alesia. :wink: