Nobody embodies the spirit of the X-Box like P-Diddy

Oh, how I wish it were not true

Seattle, WA. (October 20, 2003) - Xbox, Microsoft’s future-generation video game system, today announced that it has teamed up with hip-hop mogul Sean “P. Diddy” Combs. P. Diddy will lend his voice for a series of upcoming commercials, slated to air in time for the Holiday season.

Xbox’s new 30 second spots will feature P. Diddy telling gamers they can “race an Enzo Ferrari” in Project Gotham Racing 2, “face their fears” in Grabbed By The Ghoulies , and “laugh at gravity” in Amped 2, - together - on Xbox. Project Gotham Racing 2 and Amped 2 both take advantage of Xbox Live - the ultimate online gaming experience, giving people the opportunity to play and talk with other gamers around the world - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

“P.Diddy was the perfect fit as our first celebrity voice because he embodies the same spirit as Xbox,” said Xbox’s Director of Brand Marketing, Don Hall. “He’s multi-faceted, has made a significant social impact, and pulls millions of people together in a positive way with his powerhouse talents.”

“I’m proud to be the voice responsible for connecting millions to the Xbox brand,” said P. Diddy. “I love playing Xbox games and believe that the system’s cultural influence as a social entertainment brand has only just begun.”

Yes, it’s all true. P. Diddy really is “… multi-faceted, has made a significant social impact, and pulls millions of people together in a positive way with his powerhouse talents.”

From a business perspective this is a really smart move for Xbox and Mr. Diddy.

Considering the number of dedicated Madden machines (sorry, PS2s) I see on MTV Cribs, this might be a smart move.

Who the hell is P.Diddy ?

Why don’t they get someone famous ?

Like Yahoo Serious or Paul Hogan?

No way - old news.

Let’s get Steve Irwin.

What, you own a bunch of MS stock, or maybe you’re a big fan of Mr. Diddy’s work? News flash: company acts in its own best interest. I might be annoyed if this triggers a boom in hip-hop themed games at the exclusion of games I would rather play, but otherwise I don’t see the problem.

Also, MS advertises at monters truck rallies. Joe six-pack has a wallet too.

  • Alan

I haven’t played previous installments, so perhaps this is a theme that originated long before, but I was really unpleasantly surprised to hear DMX bust out of Tiger Woods 2004 the first time I played it. It’s getting harder and harder to escape the spread of rap (seriously, it’s not hip hop anymore) into marketable entities. Is anybody predicting a reversal of this trend? If not, can somebody just invent such a prediction and make it sound convincing? I’ll take anything at this point.

P. Diddy is the Carrot Top of Hip Hop, yo!

(Oh, and if you are a white suburban parent trying to keep your kids away from, uh, schwarze, too bad! It’s a hip hop culture now! Pull up those pants and sit up straight when you drive, punk!)

If Method Man and Redman (if I’ve got them correctly identified) can sell me deoderant, I don’t see why P. Diddy can’t sell me a console.

Hey, this means the Xbox has had J.Lo in the sack!

For self-aggrandizing bullshit, there’s no power greater than X. :wink:

And on the celebrity hunt goes:

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 26 /PRNewswire/ – Corey Maggette makes a slam dunk for charity by winning $25,000 for the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation at the PlayStation 2 “Triple Double,” a celebrity gaming tournament played on 989 Sports(R) not-yet-released NBA ShootOut 2004. The all-star roster included 16 celebrities and athletes such as Mark Wahlberg, Orlando Bloom, Mira Sorvino, Don Cheadle, Chris Kattan and Oakland Raiders’ Jerry Porter.

The gaming tournament tipped off when celebrity contestants such as

Christian Slater, Ron Livingston, Shannon Elizabeth, Zach Braff, Eric Balfour, Donnie Wahlberg, and Golden State Warrior Jason Richardson went head to head in a single elimination competition on the PlayStation 2 computer entertainment system. Vince Vaughn, Eve and Shannen Doherty cheered on as Los Angeles Clippers Corey Maggette and Elton Brand took center stage for the championship round. As the clock ran out, Corey Maggette remained victorious taking the title of PlayStation 2 “Triple Double” Champion and winning $25,000 for the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation. In total, more than $100,000 was donated to charity - making PlayStation 2 the “Triple Double’s” MVP.

For the post-tournament celebration, Sony Computer Entertainment America transformed a simple Hollywood studio into a sports fan's dream with a themed sports bar, replicated football locker room, concession stands and sports book where guests watched live sporting events and experienced 989SportsOnline, which incorporates real-time sports tickers, voice chat, rankings, message boards and more.  Sporting greats and Hollywood's A-list, including John Salley and Vin Diesel, had the unique opportunity to preview the yet to be released NBA ShootOut 2004, EyeToy(TM) and the much anticipated Gran Turismo(R)4 as well as many other PlayStation 2 favorites.  This invite-only event also featured performances by Ludacris and N.E.R.D. and special guest DJ Grandmaster Flash.