Noise Canceling Headphones

I’m looking to get my wife some for work and suggestions? They will be for music mostly and the occasional drowning out of boss and work noise, airplanes, etc.

Shure earbuds beat noise-cancellers for me. I have a pair of both and after a trial run with the Shures on a plane trip across the country, I’m not bothering with the cans anymore. The Shures are smaller, cheaper, and more fashionable. The E2C’s or E2G’s (shorter cord than the E2C’s, otherwise the same) are the best deal. Plus, Shure replaces broken ones for free.

Various good information in this thread.

I have a pair of Bose QC2s, which I absolutely love.

For cheap(ish) in-ear solutions, I recommend and still use an old pair of Sony Fontopias from 2001 (MDR-EX70). Bass-heavy and the sound’s a bit muddier than audiophiles would prefer, but it does the trick on long flights.

However, I would not recommend the Fontopias that feature active noise cancellation. By all accounts, it’s a waste of batteries, and the effect is extremely slight.

Or were you looking for full-size headphones that cover the ear?

full size headphones for my wife. She doesn’t want earbuds. I took the bose challenge and it was pretty cool, but I can’t stand the thought of spending that much money for bose headphones

The two pairs I’ve tried have been fine for airplanes, but really horrifyingly bad for everyday use. They sound like utter shit…like listening to music after bouncing it off of plywood, just flat and dead. Do not recommend.

(Obviously, YMMV…if you’re deaf or have difficulty hearing highs or lows or y’know anything, I’m sure they’re fine)

my girlfriend totally freaked when i told her i’d spent $300 on a pair of headphones. but then we were on a flight somewhere together and she put them on, and then she agreed they were worth it.


Try shopping around for conventional sealed cans. has the the following offerings - Link