Noisy 6600GT--possible to lubricate, maybe?

Hey folks,

I have a Leadtek 6600GT in my older rig that I bought a little over two years ago, and the fan noise from it is the loudest thing in the PC. Sometimes it quiets down, but sometimes it’s really hard to bear. It’s still under warranty, but I really would rather not deal with the RMA dance if possible, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to lube the fan somehow. I guess I’m open to a third party solution if not too expensive. Or maybe Leadtek would send me a replacement fan, but I’d have no idea of how to install it (same for third-party stuff).

Any suggestions?

Edited to add: it’s really the worst on startup and for at least a few minutes after.

I’ve read something about Gainward offering a tool that detects the fan speed and reduces it on nVidia based cards according to load–anyone have experience with that?

What I would do and what I did was buy a replacement fan. Zalaman makes one that is whisper quiet and dead easy to install. I replaced the fan on my 6800gt and it was just a few screws and pop the old one off and put the new one on.

It really was easy.

Which one? Is it the Aluminum-copper Zalman one? If it’s the one I’m thinking of, the thing looks huge, and looks like it weighs a ton. Does it fit OK in a standard ATX midtower case? Mine is an Enlight from about 5 years ago.

Or are you talking about the fan alone (without replacing the heatsink?). If so, do you remember what it was called?

Edited to add: the Zalman website has all kinds of provisos about using the HSF combo (VF700 Al-Cu) with 6600GT’s, just my luck. In fact, it specifically says you can’t use it on cards that have the “HSI Heatsink” integrated with the main one.

It’s this one,

Its not as large as it looks and it really is quiet. It does not take up too much space either.

For now pop open the fan label and add a drop or two of oil while you wait for your replacement fan/heatsink.

Thanks for the replies. I’m going to pick up the aluminum and copper version as recommended and hope for the best. Luckily it appears that my particular Leadtek card has a separate HSI heatsink (what does that mean BTW). Also it doesn’t even have heatsinks on the RAM chips so I won’t need to bother with those.
Only thing that worries me is the weight pulling down on the card (it’s horizontal during normal use) and there’s this one big ol’ capacitor sticking out of the board that looks like it might interfere with some of the fins.
I definitely need to do something though-- that stock vidcard fan is insufferable.

Also, what is meant by the “AGP to PCI Bridge”? EDIT: Never mind, it’s the HSI thingy: apparently the 6600 cards were not originally designed for AGP, which is why they require this extra chip.

BTW, here’s a pic of the card, with the capacitor I’m talking about right next to the edge of the stock HSF’s fins: