Noita - all the pixels simulated!

That ice level is a massive difficulty spike. Asshole jetpacking pewpew guys and wtf why are there snipers.


Today I learned that Acid != Toxic while I melted the entire level (and myself) with Acid trail on a triple shot wand with a long duration projectile.

On another note, don’t think I’m getting past level 3 for awhile.

You and me man. You and me.

Man I’m annoyed at myself. I found a potion “Lively Concoction” that basically was healing water in level 1, probably super rare. What do I do? Drop a rock on my head immediately on entering level 2.

Also, the water in the safe spaces seem to be special that refills the original contents of a flask, so it was a renewable healing potion at that.

Damn, I feel your pain.

Finally made it to level 4! Then died to a slightly too itchy trigger finger (that gas canister hit a wall behind I think and bounced into my fire)

This was the wand that enabled it. Finally figured out how things work - basically spells become nested in the multicast.

So this reads as
Spark Trigger -> 4X
where 4X = Chainsaw + Chainsaw + Chainsaw + 3X
where 3X = Ball + Ball + Ball

So a single cast does 3 + (13 * 3) + (10 * 3) = 72 damage.

And since all spells are cast, we go immediately into recharge (cast delay has no impact), which was originally 0.43s, but due to the presence of the chainsaws, gets reduced to 0s, leaving only the individual cast delay of the spark trigger itself (listed as 0.05s). So a machine gun to boot.

New stuff:

Update #4 release notes (Oct 11 2019)

FEATURE: Added new eggs!
FEATURE: Added three new alchemical curiosities and two new mysteries into the game world
FEATURE: Added 11 new spells and a selection of curious rarity spells
FEATURE: Settings/UI - ‘show hovered material/item name next to mouse’
FEATURE: UI - Stain status amount is displayed next to icon
FEATURE: UI - Fire status duration displayed in the status area
FEATURE: UI - Displays potion fullness next to icon
FEATURE: Added a new rare monster
FEATURE: The gods have less reasons to be angry

UPDATE: Walking through 1-2px pools of toxic sludge should not activate the status effect if not previously stained
UPDATE: Player starts with a water flask
UPDATE: Added small safety rooms to the start of Snowy Depths, Hiisi Base and The Vault
UPDATE: Giga Death Cross is now properly Giga
UPDATE: Adjusted Snowy Depths & Hiisi Base enemy distribution slightly
UPDATE: Adjusted projectile knockbacks
UPDATE: Clarified some spell descriptions
UPDATE: Adjusted knockback on the ‘Concentrated shot’ perk
UPDATE: Increased egg-friend HP to make them last longer and made egg-borne Limanuljaska enemies not spill toxic sludge
UPDATE: Full health regeneration heart in Holy Mountain now increases maximum hp by 10

BUGFIX: Duplicate world seed bug
BUGFIX: Added some missing enemy progress icons
BUGFIX: Fixed potential crashes in platform layer
BUGFIX: Fixed a glitchy secret interaction
BUGFIX: Fixed Thunder blast’s explosion damaging through resistances
BUGFIX: Fixed some enemies in the Vault missing some of their tools such as shields

I would not recommend taking Freeze Field. All water freezes under you, or around you. You can’t put out fires anymore. And if water pours down onto you, you are trapped in a shell of ice.

First win! 4 hours of careful play.

Basically got Edit Wands Anywhere as the first perk, which allowed for a snowball. Second had the Perk Lottery, which then allowed pickup of explosion/toxic/melee/electricity immunity.

Ended up with these three carrying the day.

That first was a railgun of lightning explosions, but super dangerous until immunity which was picked up late. The basic pattern was carried through a few wands. Second was explosions, and the third was even more explosions. Also had another wand filled with concentrated light (laser?) that basically was a super machine gun.

Nice. Congrats.

Finally made it to the Hiisi base. Even survived for a while. It helped that I had immunity to explosions.

Damned frogs!

Well that looks great!

Ok I instantly see how this is like Cortex Command. The problem with CC though besides the lack of a real game was the horrible controls/navigation, and incredible slow down when multiple drop ships carrying multiple bodies all exploded simultaneously in a massive pixel mess. Looks like this game fixed those problems.

Crab bombs!

New update: