Noita - all the pixels simulated!

9/24/19 , early access.

Explanation and some gameplay by the developer:

This game is pretty damn good, and the sort of thing I could imagine some players getting REEAAALY into. I played an earlier version that was submitted to the IGF competition, and it was one of the games that I kept going back to after I judged it, just to see what I hadn’t seen yet, and try for a more epic run than the last time. The fluid tech is really used to full advantage in the game, and is quite cool.

Hey if someone takes the ideas from Cortex Command but makes a really compelling game with it, I’m in. CC is basically still a tech demo and I’ve had so much fun with that over the years.

“Noita” means witch in Finnish.
Ha! I knew moving to Finland would pay off some day!

Whenever you need some Fantasy/Alien/Scifi-sounding word, just look up what something is in Finnish. It’s so weird that you’ll almost always get something that works. And only about 7 million people on the planet will even recognize it.

Anyway… Really like the simulated systems here. It actually has a gameplay effect and is not just there for its own sake.

Just watched the above video, man this looks really cool.


Edit: So it’s essentially one of those newer falling sand game engines tacked onto a side scroller. Looking forward to playing.

Really liking this game so far. The pixelly artwork just makes things better. It’s going to take playtime from RGO.

Edit: As I thought, the devs had created the Falling Everything engine. It’s based on the earlier falling sand type games. Although much more robust.

E2: And Cortex Command was one of their inspirations, as someone mentioned upthread.

Just played this, it’s really cool, PIXELLLLSSSSSSSSSSSS! @KristiGaines @lordkosc

I became a bit overpowered, was one shotting everything on level 3, then i ran out of health. Bought an extra life but the game didn’t register it then crashed, oh well.

Once they get the balancing right this will be really cool. Not much like spelunky, reminds me more of caveblazers which I also really enjoyed.

Stats don’t carry over from game to game. Minor issue that will no doubt be fixed. Also the new game button essentially restarts the game via Steam.

Are they supposed to?

I would think so. To compare your play sessions?

Oh, do you mean like the records you see after you die? That would seem like a bug, yeah.

Watch out for the pools of pink liquid. They transform you into weird creatures. But you can’t do anything but move until you turn back.

That game is too actiony for me ac… though Children of Morta is still on my wish list. And there is a great pixelly turn based rpg brewing…

Which one would that be KG?

I believe its Star Renegades.

I recommend r/noita for interesting stuff. Beware spoilers.

Edit: Patch today. Stats fixed.

Today’s Daily Run is pretty good. Many cool wands and treasure chests early on. Your starting wands are different too. I tried to drink an entire vat of whiskey and ended up too drunk to shoot straight.

We can all share our death animations now:

I’ve heard people saying that it can cause the game to crash. Guess the only way to know is to try it.