Nolan Bushnell slaps down PS3

True enough, but he did quite well in his time. Whether he has anything to add today remains to be seen perhaps, but he’s certainly paid his dues.

I guess any time Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton are on TV talking about politics you rise up on your coffee table and scream “go back to your nursing home old man”!

I love that we live in a culture where you are only as good as your last 5 minutes.

Bushnell has a hell of a lot more successes to his credit than Jimmy Carter. Hell, that guy’s a living example of the Peter Principle.

You think that attitude is new? Read Exodus 32.

In a nutshell: people led out of Egypt, fed, see lots of miracles. Then Moses goes away for a short time, and suddenly they’re all “yeah, but what has God done for us lately? Time for new gods.” :)

It’s illustrative regardless of your stance on the christian religion.

I think he’s wrong. The PS3 may have a slow start (PS2 anyone?) but I believe it’ll end up picking up speed. The PS2’s success wasn’t timing (it came out after the cheaper, good-looking DC) it was a barrage of good franchises and great-looking games. Titles like Okami and Final Fantasy XII still looking pretty freaking amazing today, even held up against current nextgen titles.

If the QT3 quote of the week contest was still going, this would get my vote

LOL well I should hope so, they’re only about a month old.

Absolutely k0ny, around here, whenever someone says ‘is be dummies yo!’ people just get crazy angry and start killing, so thats what that was.

I think you completely missed the point that I was talking about games on PS2’s hardware still holding up pretty well (graphically) against nextgen titles. But LOL and all that.

He’s probably still at least a little bitter about CDTV.

First of all, since when is calling someone a genius cosidered ridiculing him? Second, where in my post did I say anything negative about his restaurant? Third, you don’t know shit about my motivation. So until I tell you what it might be, try not to play Kreskin. Okay?

Oh I think we do.

Quite well = pissed away a private jet and a couple of mansions. Gotcha!

Yeah, he had some good ideas back then, but it’s not a case of ‘only as good as your last success’. It’s a case of his success being in a different climate almost 25 years ago and then followed by one bad prediction about what people wants after another… and I even forgot the CDTV.

He’s wrong.

The point being that he HAD them in the first place.

Oh I think you only think you do. If we apply the accepted internet bullshit ratio to what you’ve written here about me, it becomes pretty obvious how little you know.

So long as we can apply the same ratio to what you’ve said about the PS3.

And I’m aware of that.
But even though I really disagree with your strange hatred for Sony and premature Wii fanboyism, I still think your views as a game journalist (writer?) and former editor is more relevant than mr. Bushnells. His track record of prediction technology trends is consistently bad. He got it right once and was greatly rewarded, but that’s a long time ago and I see nothing that tells me he understands todays market at all.

Kreskin: The answer is… Sony rocks!

Ed: Sony Rocks!

Kreskin: Sony Rocks!

Kreskin opens the envelope, blows into it, and pulls out a slip of white paper.

Kreskin: What Sony executives will be getting in their stockings this Christmas!

Ed: Ha ha ha ha!

I dunno. I’ve seen some of the Reuters “OMG teh PS3 is coming out!!!1!” articles and they have quotes like this:

“The graphics are crazy, way better than the second one,” said Doug Morrison, a 20-year-old University of Hawaii student. "It’s more realistic. It’s smoother. It doesn’t have any glitches.

“I’m going to get one no matter what.”

I think there are a fuck of a lot of gamers out there who basically have no idea that the XBox exists, and who think that Nintendo stopped making consoles in the 1980s. There could easily be 50 million of those people given the relative penetration of the PS2, XBox, and Gamecube. And a lot of them probably will cough up for the PS3. Maybe not 50 million of them, but certainly 20 or 25 million.

Of course, if that’s all that Sony sells, it will be viewed as a crippling defeat for Sony. So we’ll see. But I don’t think there’s any question that Sony will ship millions and millions and millions of PS3s. Once I thought there was doubt about that, but I’m starting to doubt my doubt.

We’ll know soon enough. My money is on the “it will sell 1 million units easily” side of the fence. Not that I’m buying one until there are a lot more and better games, but still.